Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Term 6

MAD Week 


During our MAD week, all classes picked a country to celebrate and our country was Ukraine. The children absolutely loved learning about some music from Ukraine and about their culture through singing and food tasting. I am proud of all the moles as all of the children approached this week with kindness and respect. Here are some of the activities we got up to:

Opening Ceremony 


On Monday we all participated in an opening ceremony were we participated in parade around the playground to introduce our country. We all waved flags and wore the colours yellow and blue.

Ukrainian Music


Tanya came in and showed the children some Ukrainian music. There were a mixture of songs ranging from some that were traditional and others that were more modern. The children enjoyed the winning Eurovision song from 2023 and another popular one of theirs was a song sung by children.

Food Tasting 


Tanya also came in for one afternoon and had prepared two Ukrainian dishes. The first dish was a savoury dish of ‘borscht’, which is a traditional soup. It was packed full of goodness. It had a variety of vegetables and chicken and to my surprise; most of the children loved it!


The next dish was a desert. It was similar to an apple pie but instead of it being pastry it was more like a cake. The children loved this dish!

Tanya also shared with us that she sends an English food parcel to her parents and they send a Ukrainian food parcel to her. In her food parcel were some traditional sweets very similar to Werther’s originals. The children were very grateful and thankful!

Our Names in Ukrainian 


Another one of activities were we learnt how to say and write our names in Ukrainian. We used the iPads to help translate our names and then we created beautiful posters with images of our favourite things.

Fact Files on Ukraine 


We used the iPads and fact file sheets to research some information on the country. We found out lots of different pieces of information that we used to make colourful and informative posters.


Closing Ceremony


Our final activity was learning a song in Ukrainian to perform at the closing ceremony. The children performed a nursery rhyme in Ukrainian with copy me actions all led by Serhii. I was so very proud of how the children behaved this week! Well done to all the Moles J   


Click the link to see the video of our song!