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Sport is about achieving YOUR personal best, not being the best!



 At Sellindge we recognise PE as an important learning tool for children. Through PE there are learning opportunities not just in the physical elements (hand eye coordination, exercises, effects on body, movement, etc.) but also in self expression; fair play, respect, following instructions/rules, team work, communication, leadership possibilities, decision making, life lessons in not always winning, reflection and self improvement.



All Sellindge pupils will become confident and competent in their physical abilities - they will learn physical literacy by undergoing a progressive journey via our PE curriculum. They will master the fundamental movement skills and become skilled sports people. We want all children to develop a healthy and active lifestyle. Not only will they learn about the physical aspect of PE but also develop personal, social, creative and cognitive skills which underpins being active, sports and will contribute to their wider learning.



Pupils at Sellindge receive at least one hour a week of "Real PE". "Real PE" has a unique child centred approach focusing on the children's stage of development rather than their age. It includes challenges and supports EVERY child. Its inclusive approach creates habits and develops essential behaviours to promote a healthy lifestyle and love of learning.


"Real PE" is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and focuses on the development of agility, balance, coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. It develops the key abilities children need to be successful within PE, Sport and across the curriculum.


All children receive a second hour of PE a week which helps in applying, consolidating and extending Real PE skills. We are currently further developing this aspect of our provision.


Our spiral PE curriculum enables students to revisit the fundamental movement skills each year: encountering increasing complexity; and reinforcing previous learning. Within each Fundamental skill there are 6 levels of challenge for each.



What our children had to say about PE at Sellindge...


"There are lots of cool fun games."

"We learn new skills that help us develop."

"The games are fun now."

"It is really fun and active."

"It is hard...but not too hard."

"I like coming up with our own movement."


What our teachers have to say about PE in Sellindge...

"I think Real PE has a holistic approach to the teaching of PE that covers the core skills that children need to enjoy and develop in all sporting activities."



 Take a look at the photos below to see what we have been doing.