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Number Bugs information

'Number Bugs' are a set of basic number tests created by Miss Goodall, to engage children whilst learning the essential building blocks of mathematical knowledge.


The children will be tested and awarded a 'Number Bugs' certificate in assembly if they correctly answer the 10 (last 3 are 15) questions in the 3 minutes allowed.


This will allow the children to consolidate the basic skills needed to be successful in all areas of their mathematical learning, give them an opportunity to quickly recall facts which has been proven to ease the strain on working memory and allow them to replace incorrect knowledge correctly.



Here is the sequence of the tests:


Ant- addition number bonds to 10 

Caterpillar - subtraction number bonds to 10

Stag beetle - mixed calculations as above


Grasshopper - addition number bonds to 100 in 10's eg 30+70=100

Ladybird - subtraction number bonds to 100 in 10's eg  100-20=80

Butterfly - mixed calculations as above


Snail -  addition number bonds to 100 in 5's eg 35+6=100

Cricket - subtraction number bonds to 100 in 5's eg  100-25=75

Scorpion - mixed calculations as above


Millipede - addition facts to 100 eg 83+17=100

Wasp - subtraction facts to 100  eg  100-53=47

Dragonfly - mixed calculations as above


Your child will then progress to Tweets - multiplication facts