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Online Safety

Online Safety at Sellindge Primary School

Children have more access than ever before, at school and at home, to many types of internet communication. It might be researching a topic for homework, using Cbeebies on the computer, using an app on an I-pad or playing computer games with friends through a X-Box or Wii. Online safety involves making sure that our children know the advantages and disadvantages of using this technology and that they become safe, respectful and responsible users of it. We are also trying to encourage children to develop a degree of media balance in their lives, so they make healthy choices about the time they spend on devices. Throughout their time at Sellindge we encourage our pupils to become Super Digital Citizens!


Here are the winners from the 2019-2020 design a Super Digital Citizen Competition.

At Sellindge children are taught about online safety through discrete Computing sessions, assemblies and PSHE activities. However, due to its all encompassing nature, it is also an area that we continually refer to and encourage children to think about. We also try and encourage peer to peer learning across different classes in the school, where older children are seen as role models for younger ones. As a whole staff we promote it throughout the school. We offer help and guidance to parents through updates in our Newsletter and via the

Parents Online Safety Portal.

Parents and Carers Letter and Acceptable Use Policy (Including Acknowledgement Slip.)

Parents' Online Safety Briefing PowerPoint

Here at Sellindge we have two different sets of Online Safety Rules, please feel free to download these to display at home...

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Click to download...