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Please help your child to know their Times tables up to 12x12 and the related division facts.


As you may be aware the Government is introducing a 'Times Table Test' for all Year 4 pupils to sit, at the end of Year 4. 


Here are some ideas for learning these:

Flash cards

Times tables songs and chants

Times tables interactive computer games


Snap cards


At Sellindge we aim to promote a positive attitude towards maths and provide our children with a wide mathematical education taught in an enjoyable, relevant and creative way. Our teaching and learning in mathematics is underpinned by the three aims of the national curriculum: mathematical fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving.


Maths is used every day - we measure the floor area of a room when buying carpet and count our change when out shopping, the use of manipulatives is encouraged. We use ‘real life’ experiences so children begin to understand the importance of applying maths skills in order to solve problems and engage them for future learning.


Maths is taught daily using the White Rose materials (which implement the 2014 National Curriculum) and encourages fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


The 4 areas of the National Curriculum are:


  • Number
  • Measures
  • Geometry
  • Statistics


Details on each of these can be found by following the link to the new curriculum information below.

Parent workshop 31.11.17

Calculation policies for Maths - these documents will show you the methods taught to your child at each stage of their mathematical education