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Foxes Class World Book Day

Year 6 Residential Trip to PGL Windmill Hill

Don't forget to scroll down the page and look at the subject pages to see your pictures and work!

Buddy Letter from Year 5

Remember to tell your buddy your name and a bit about yourself. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do you have any pets?


Tell them about the school and what it is like in Hedgehogs. Let them know about some of the fun things we do in school like dressing up for book week. Tell them the names of their teachers.
Ask them about their plans for the summer holidays and maybe tell them what you will be doing.
Draw them a picture of yourself or the school or put a photo in if you are allowed.


Hi there Year 5,

Hope you are all OK. Don’t forget to get your Buddy Letters sent into school by Friday. Either email or put them in the purple box.


Lily has already written a Year 6 song using the tune to This Is Me. I really love it. I wonder if you can sing the words.


Hopefully, I will see you all in a couple of weeks, on Wednesday afternoon, for a catch up before the Summer Holidays.


Here is a question for you… Would you rather eat your dinner on the moon or under water? Let me know…


Bye for now.

Year 6 class song

It’s time for us to move up on

Move away, they say

Because we are year six now

We have to move up to year six

Year six, they say

The time has gone so quick

But we will stand together

I know that we’ll be strong

For we’re year six

When times are bad and wanna break us down

We’re gonna send some help and gonna help them out

We are brave we are kind this is who we’re meant to be

We’re year six

Look out cause here we come

And we’re marching on to our next year at school

We’re not scared to move on

We’ll make great buddies

We’re year six

Ooh section replaced with year six

Another round of buddies here we come

Well, fire away, cause today

We’re gonna be the best ones yet

We’re taking in all we learn

And reaching for the stars

We are year six

Yeah, that’s what we’ve become

We won’t let it break us down inside

We know that we’ll be together

Cause we are year six

When the hardest things stand in the way we come together and push it away

We are brave, we are kind

This is who we’re meant to be

We’re year six

Look out cause here we come

And we’re marching on to our next year at school

We’re not scared to move on

There is no turning back

We’re year six

Ooh section replaced with year six  

Hi Year 5,


It was lovely to see you all this afternoon and I know you were looking forward to finding out who your buddies are. It is a big job that I know you will all take very seriously.


You did a great job with your letters and I can’t wait to see them all finished. Olivia, I loved the way you talked about all the exciting things that happen in Hedgehogs. I really liked your kind sentences and what you said about yourself, Emlyn. Brooke, you were so thoughtful and April, I was really impressed by what you said about the teachers.

Don’t forget to get them into school by Friday 10th July so that we can get them ready to send to your buddy. You can put them into the purple box or email them to



Stay safe and keep up the good work. Hope to see you all soon.


Miss Clark XX


Hi Foxes,


It was great to see so many Year 5 on the Zoom yesterday. You all looked so well and I can’t believe how grown up you look. Well done for being so quick with your times table knowledge and I hope you liked the poem. Now you know why it is one of my favourites!!



Hopefully we will do it again soon especially as we need to write letters to the new buddies in Hedgehogs.


Next week we are doing Sports Day and there will be chance for you to have a go at home too. Make sure that you do as your points will all go towards the House Cup!


Take care everyone and see you all again very soon.


Miss Clark



Hi Foxes,

I hope you all had fun learning the poem. Year 6 and the Year 5 Key workers have done so well and can actually say the first few verses off by heart! Look out for the videos on the Literacy page of the class page.


Year 5, as you know, you will be a buddy to one of the Hedgehogs next year. We will need you to write them a letter so that it can be posted to them over the summer holiday. I will put it on your timetable for the week after next but in the meantime, I would like you to be thinking about some of the things that you could write to them. I will let you know what to do with the letters nearer the time. It is really important that you all do one as the Year R always enjoy getting them in the post and it helps them to get to know you all a bit quicker. It is especially important this year as they will not have had the chance to meet you all before the holiday.


Next week we have set up a Zoom get together for the Year 5 as we have not seen all of you for a while. I’m so looking forward to seeing you all so watch out for the email! Also, make sure that you have a piece of paper and a pen or pencil as we are going to play bingo.


Missing you all and have a good weekend,

Miss Clark XX


Hi Year 5,


Hope you all had a good week last week and managed to get your stories written. Well done Olivia Cook for sending your story in. I really enjoyed it. Has anyone completed any of the science work from the activities grid? The Year 6 made some butter today by shaking some cream. They had to shake it for about 20 minutes; I think their arms will be aching tomorrow.


I hope you all enjoy the poem this week. There are a couple of reasons why I chose the ‘Smuggler’s Song’. Firstly, I learnt some of the poem when I was at school and really enjoyed it. Amazingly, I can still remember some of it too!!! Secondly, it is really linked to the history of this area of Kent. Has anyone heard of Dr Syn from Dymchurch? He was a famous smuggler who brought all the things listed in the poem over from France without telling the King’s Men so didn’t have to pay taxes.  Every 2 years there is a Day of Syn festival in Dymchurch to remember the smuggling that happened in the area.


Take care everyone and hope to see you all soon,


Miss Clark XXXX


Hi Foxes,


I hope you are having a good week. I can't wait to see your stories for the Hedgehogs. Izzy read them a story over Zoom and they children were very excited when we told them the Foxes were writing stories for them.


You may have heard this week that Year 5 might not come back to school this term. Please don't worry as we are planning some things to make sure we can have a catch up. And don't forget that we can always keepin touch by email and messages from me on the website.


Take care as always,


Miss Clark XX

The Night it all went wrong!!

One cold and dark evening, in Tooth fairy valley. It is beautiful because it has a lot of nature.  A man called Zach he wore everything pink and had a love for mischief he did everything naughty like dye his hair pink, picked his nose and didn’t obey the rules!! This got him in trouble a lot.
For instance one cold afternoon, he decided to collect the teeth early…oh what a nightmare that was let me tell you what happened. He went and collected the teeth and when he was  just going to leave he heard FOOT STEPS!! He hid in the cupboard because he had no time to escape and the foot steps came louder and louder and the kid opened the cupboard so Zach hid in the jumpers he sneezed a very loud sneeze! The kid heard him sneeze and was looking in the jumpers to see what is was, he picked Zach up and asked who he was, Zach was petrified he didn’t know what to say? He told the kid he was the Tooth fairy and the kid laughed he said “ don’t be daft Tooth fairies are women, Zach was very upset by this and said I can prove I am a Tooth fairy and pull out his bag of teeth! The kid was shocked Zach then looked at the kids teeth and said “urgh your teeth are really dirty, I can take your teeth now if you like” the kid dropped Zach and ran off to brush his teeth, Zach smiled to himself and quickly left the house, but what Zach didn’t know was there was another Tooth Fairy watching him, when Zach got back to the Tooth Fairy valley he was called to the head Tooth Fairy and was told off for getting caught and as punishment he had to clean ALL the dirty teeth and oh boy there was a lot of dirty teeth! It took Zach weeks and weeks to clean them, but now he obeys the rules and doesn’t get in trouble (much).
By Olivia

Hi Everyone,


Hope you are all well. The Year 6 that are in have been busy already this week as they have been making up and asking lots of question! The reason for this is because they have had a very special job; they have been interviewing a potential new teacher to work at our school next year.


I hope to see some of your diaries soon so that I can see what you have been up to during the Lockdown. I expect you have all been outside having fun in your gardens or more recently out and about. I know the weather is not supposed to be so good over the next few days but you should still be able to get lots of fresh air!


Take care,


Love Miss Clark XX

Year 5 Newsletter

Friday 22nd May 2020

Hi again Foxes,

Hope you have had a good week.  Don’t forget to send me your stories. I’ve seen a few and really love them.

It is half term next week so I won’t be sending you any lessons! Don’t cheer! Hopefully the weather will continue to be really great so you can be outside but remember to put on sun cream and to wear a hat!! Let me know if you get up to anything exciting.

I will be going into school to prepare for the Year 6 coming back to school after the holiday. I am looking forward to seeing them so much. Hopefully, we will also get to see the Year 5 soon too.

Carry on staying safe and taking care of yourselves and everyone at home.

Have a lovely holiday,

Miss Clark XX

Saturday 16th May

Hi again,


It has been great to see some of planning you have done for your stories. You have worked hard on the vocabulary so well done. Maybe you could ask your parents if they think you deserve a head’s award. I can tell that the stories are going to be amazing. For some of you it might even be your best piece of writing yet!


I have been sent some information about being in the Guinness Book of Records using TT Rockstars. The information is on the link below. It would be great if you could be part of it.



Keep being brilliant and I will catch up again before half term.


Stay safe,


Miss Clark XX

Life in Lockdown for Young People – Writing competition

I know how much some of you enjoy writing. Here is a chance for you to enter a competition to get a piece of your work published and win a prize!


This is your opportunity to write about your experience. Until midnight on Friday the 17th of July, you can submit a piece of writing about what life has been like in lockdown and during the coronavirus.

This could be a personal experience, a poem, or a creative story. All of you will have had a unique experience that is only yours, and only you can capture in words.

Your entry should be 700 words or under and you should submit in your age category.

Your work will then be read by a published author, who will then pick out the five best entries from your age group. These entries will then be included in a book published by John Catt Educational called ‘Generation Lockdown Writes.’

There will also be a range of other prizes for the winning entries, and a special celebratory book launch where you will have the opportunity to meet the authors.

Find out more at the link below.


Tuesday 12th May

Hey Foxes,


How are you all doing?

Some of the bread pictures are looking lovely. Have a look at Alfie’s in the photos, it looks really professional. Hope you enjoyed your VE Day celebrations with your flags flying.


Well done for sending in the self-portraits. If you have been past the school you would have seen them hanging on the railings. They look so great!


I’m sure that you have heard the news about children coming back to school. We are so looking forward to seeing, you when it happens. Things will be a bit different and we will let you know how things will change nearer the time.


Keep working hard and stay safe,


Love Miss Clark and the Foxes Staff


Time capsule questionnaire

As part of our history work on the Time Capsule, Brayden and Alex have created a questionnaire to go in the capsule we are making at school. Please could you fill in the questionnaire and send it back to the office so that we can include it in our box.

Thank you very much.

Alfie's word search

Tuesday 5th May

Thursday 30th April 2020

Friday 24th April

Monday 20th April

Retelling the model text using actions and a story map. Great work!

Still image for this video

A message from Mrs Payne

Thursday 9th April


Hi Foxes,


Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and have been able to get outside for a while.  Did anyone see the ‘Pink’ moon this week? I have tried to take some photos; if anyone else did I’d love to see them.


Has anyone noticed how many birds they can hear? Remember when we did the bird watch in school last term, I bet there are more birds around now. If you get chance to watch the birds in your garden over the next few days, let me know what birds you saw. I am really pleased as I have seen a pair of robins for a few days now, hopefully they have nested nearby and will come into the garden every day.


It is Easter this weekend. I know you won’t see all your families but I’m sure you will still have a lovely time in the sunshine. Mind you don’t eat all your eggs in one go!


Stay well and let me know how you are all getting on,


Happy Easter,



Miss Clark


Friday, 3rd April 2020

Hi Foxes, cool


Hope you have had a good week. Thank you to those of you who sent in your poems. They are absolutely brilliant. I really loved April’s poem where she described her clothes escaping from her wardrobe.


It is the Easter holidays now so I won’t be sending any work but you do have the challenges that will keep you busy. Some of you may have completed a few of them already. Don’t forget to try the diary too.


I’d love it if you could let me know about the things get up to over the break. I have been doing some DIY in my new kitchen. I have put up coat hooks, pictures and painted new doors! My next job is to upcycle a mirror. I’ll let you know how it goes.



I’ll catch up with you over the holiday. Stay safe and keep smiling. smiley


Take care,


Miss Clark XX  yes

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Hi Foxes,smiley

How are you all doing?
It’s Mrs Rickards here saying hello and that I miss you all so much.


I have loved seeing all your photos and examples of work and hearing how hard you are working at home. I was very impressed to see that someone has gone ahead and made their slippers. (Have a look on our DT page above for some feedback!) Remember we said that you no longer have to include sewing as part of the project so if you are happy to make your slippers over the Easter holiday please do, but make sure you send in a photo so I know who has competed them!


I also loved seeing some Easter cards from this week’s art. If any of you have made a card please send in a photo as soon as you can. Have a look at the Art page above to see our Gallery so far! Good luck with the Easter Challenge that has come home today, it’s full of brilliant ideas to try and enjoy your time at home. Let us know how you get on.


Look after each other and remember our golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treatedyesheart

Much love Mrs Rickards.

Hello Foxes,


Hope you all had a great weekend. Has anyone started a diary yet? I spent Saturday washing my car and then guess what happened… we had rain, sleet and hail! My car is now dirty again.

How are your poems going? I am really looking forward to reading them. Remember to send them into the office for me to read. I wonder how many we can get onto the website!


Has anyone tried anything they have never tried before? Let me know about it, please. It would be great to know what new skills people have learnt.


Take care and I will be in touch soon.


Miss Clark

 Well done to those peple who have completed their poems. I love them!

Look who has attempted the 'Toilet Roll' challenge. You have competition, Mrs Harris!

Still image for this video

Don't forget to take time to relax.

You could use an App like Chill Panda.  yes



Hi Everyone,


Hope you have had a good first week. It has been great to hear how well some of you are getting on. I have been busy too doing my homework too; planning for your next lot of lessons and carrying out research for some fun activities for you to do at home. So look out for these after the Easter holidays.


I would also love to see some more letters as the ones I have see have been great. 


The other morning, I was looking in my garden and I saw a fox curled up in the grass. The fox then walked up to my back door and stared in even with me standing there. It then looked at me and walked away! That has never happened to me before. If anything like that happens to you, why not write it down? Mrs Payne is going to keep a diary whilst she is at home. You could do the same thing and we could then create a book out of all your experiences. It could become a historical document; primary evidence!


Have a great weekend and stay safe and I will catch up with you all next week!


Miss Clark

Good Morning Foxes... Again


Another challenge for you.... Go to Badgers page and become a Defender of Mathematica..... You will find the BBC bitesize link in the maths icon.... Get to battle fearsome foes and travel to dangerous lands.... Don't forget to pack your trusty pencil and some paper to take along with you... Good Luck


I've looked at the vital statistics on TT rock stars and have notified Miss Wren of this week's winner..... So read the Swan to find out who it is. 

The next winner will be from Year 6 so keep earning those valuable coins..... Who will it be? We'll find out after the Easter holidays. 

God luck and keep practicing Miss Goodall

This is Alfie's letter.


Dear people of the world,


Just before New Year’s Eve 2019 a few people had a virus in China called coronavirus (covid19). The virus has spread across the world causing 433,000 people to have it, so we need to social distance. In case you are unaware how to, you just need to keep away from people and stay indoors or in your garden. If you are wondering why we need to social distance read this to find out why.


My first reason is so that we can protect the elderly and people with medical problems such as diabetes, lung problems and asthma. We need to protect them because it is a horrible illness for them and their families to go through. In addition, these people are the most vulnerable of people to get it.


My second reason is so that we can save the NHS beds by social distancing. If we don’t social distance too many people will have it at the same time meaning there will not be enough staff, beds or equipment to deal with everyone. Therefore, we need to go on lock down!

I hope this letter has convinced you to social distance.


Yours sincerely,

 Alfie Peall

I really like the topic of Alfie's persuasive letter...

He is persuading people to stay at home!

Really relevent.


Take care everyone!


Miss Clark XXX

Hi Foxes,


I hope you are all ok and enjoying the activities we have planned for you. Don’t forget it will soon be Easter so don’t eat too much chocolate! You know I won’t…


Has anyone played on Times Table Rockstar yet? I bet one of Foxes could break a record. A point on your grid for you if you do!!!


Let your mum or dad know that they can give you points as well. You could get them for how brilliantly you do your lessons.


If you think you have completed some good work, please take a photo and send it to me via the office email, and I will put it on the website so everyone can see. I certainly can’t wait to see what you have done.


Here is a little challenge for you… who can build the tallest tower using just newspaper and tape? Send me a picture of it and say how tall it is.


Catch up with you all soon,


Miss Clark


This week we tried learning Karate!

Still image for this video

Year 6 had lots of fun on their residential trip.

Foxes have set their own targets for the year and aim to achieve them!

Welcome Back.


Welcome back to all the new Year 5 and 6. We hope you have had a really great summer! We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead and have been busy planning activities that we hope will inspire the children.


We know this is going to be a year of lots of hard work, especially for Year 6, but, I am sure that the children will be prepared to do their very best. It is important that together we encourage them to approach everything they do with a positive attitude.


There are lots of fun things planned for this term. Year 6 will be going on their residential trip in October and we also have Book Week with lots of very exciting visitors and activities in school. Don’t forget to look out for The Big Read on the last Thursday of Term.

Year 5 pupils stayed in tents for a night on the school field. They cooked dinner, played games and had a campfire. In the morning they got up really early and made breakfast before going home. Everyone had a great time.

Building our Trebuchets using a variety of wood working skills, testing and modifying the design.

Trebuchet testing on the playground

Hi All Year 6 (and parents)


I have looked at the weather forecast for our trip to PGL - Windmill HIll - and it looks grey, wet and chilly. Please ensure that you bring a waterproof coat and layers to keep you warm, 2 pairs of trainers, toiletries, clean underwear and a dustbin bag for wet items. Remember to bring a sparkly outfit for the disco.


PARENTS - please show your child what you have packed for them - we have had instances where children do not know what to re pack when we are leaving - as they do not know what belongs to them. If in doubt please label their belongings - We cannot be responsible for lost items. 


Finally - please ensure that the school has an up to date phone number so that we can contact you should we need to.

Today you were given your Times Tables Rock star username and Login, go to the site (link below)


Try and become a world re-known Rock Star as you practice your times tables!!!!!

This is what our maths lesson on volume looked like today

Term 3 coverage

Here are the Class codes for Progidy maths game:


Foxes - C20CF3


Fox cubs - B69459


REMEMBER - you do not need to buy a membership in order to fully play this game.

Welcome to Foxes class page.

Here you will find lots of interesting information about us all, including: photographs of us participating in a range of activities, examples of our work and useful websites to help us with our homework.

Testing thermal materials - Photo Powerpoint

Curriculum coverage Term 1

Children completing an investigation using electrical circuits.

Questions to ask your child about the investigation and what they discovered whilst carrying this out.


What does an electrical circuit need to make it work?

What is a cell?

What happens if you overload the circuit? (put too many bulbs or buzzers into it)

How can you test your circuit if you think the bulb is the issue?

What is the scientific word for the flow of electricity?

Can you draw the symbols used for a bulb, a buzzer, a wire, a battery, a switch?

Can you make a switch using everyday items? If so what would you need?

Fed up of your child sitting at the computer playing games? Then go to Hour of code ( where your child can play games and learn coding at the same time.


Choose from activities based on Mine Craft, Frozen, Star Wars and many others. There's something to suit everyone and it's fun, try it yourself you will soon be hooked. Learning the skill of coding has never been so much fun!

SATs - Parents survival guide