Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day


Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

Our PSHE curriculum aims for all our pupils to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally and develop self-confidence and self-responsibility. By the time they leave Sellindge Primary School, we intend that they will value themselves and others and acknowledge and appreciate difference and diversity. They will be independent, responsible and active members of the school and local community and be prepared to be positive and active members of a democratic society They will earn to make informed choices and understand what constitutes a safe and healthy lifestyle They will develop the ability to form good relationships and understand and manage their emotions. They will have opportunities to consider issues which may affect their own lives and/or the lives of others and have an awareness of British values.

Each year the classes create their own class rules or expectations as part of our PSHE learning. 

Relationship and Sex Education

The teaching of RSE will ensure that all the children learn about issues in a caring and informed way, which dispels myths that they may have acquired and is age appropriate.

At Sellindge School our intention is:

  • To ensure that pupils are prepared for puberty
  • To develop confidence in talking, listening and thinking about feelings and relationships, and respect the differences between people;
  • For pupils to be able to name parts of the body and describe how their bodies work;
  • For children to know how they can protect themselves and where to ask for help and support;
  • To empower children to make informed choices about their education and future adult life.
  • To Respect for their own bodies and the importance of sexual activity being within a committed, long term and loving relationship
  • To value importance of family life
  • To contemplate moral questions
  • To understand relationship issues and consent
  • To prevent sexual abuse /exploitation, and help pupils to seek advice if they are worried about any sexual matters.


The school will work towards these aims in partnership with parents.