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Badgers Class World Book Day

Welcome to 2022


Here is the curriculum coverage for Badger's class for Term 3

Happy Diwali

Badgers drew some lovely pictures to illustrate the story of Rama and Sita.

Sorting and classifying invertebrates according to our own criteria

Powerpoint for Meet and Greet 2021

Meet and greet information sheet - with Hyperlinks 2021

Assembly script for Thursday 8th September


1) Amelia and Isabella

It can be sad... because if you have moved house you are leaving friends behind


2) Ivy and Ruby

It can mean you have some worries... if you start a new school, you may be worried that you won't make any new friends.



3) Oliver and Jayden

It can be confusing - we don't know where all the places in the new building are yet.


4) Ezra and Ella

You can feel nervous - you don't know the new teachers


5) Lila and Zhenya

It can be a happy event as you make new friends


6) Lily and Harriet

You can be excited as you are in a new classroom and learning new things


7) Harrison and Freddie

It is an opportunity to leave old things behind - like growing out of old toys, being more sensible or being more positive.


All Every day is a new beginning



Badgers hard at work measuring the Trim trail in maths

PE will be on Wednesday afternoon... Please come to school in your PE kit.


Thank you

Welcome to Badgers class information for 2021 to 2022

Term 6 Coverage

Visitors about our new school building

Investigation into parts of a flower. We dissected flowers to look at the parts we had labelled previously.

Map work. We looked for and located all the local areas, houses and work spaces we could think of - such as the school, Airport Cafe, Port Lympne, their houses, the Co-op etc on a large aerial map.

Please keep referring to this class page as I will try to put up useful resources such as: multiplication girds, High frequency word sheets (HFW); worksheets...


If you need any help with multiplication and division methods - please check the maths pages on this website- where you will find lots of information on methods to use in the calculations policies.

Wonderful Rainbow poems by Badgers. Please look at our poems they will make you smile.

Term 4 timetable for Remote Learning

In order for you all to keep in touch, I'm going to post some of your photos here. Have a look at what people are doing in order to keep themselves busy, perhaps you could try some for yourself.

Our weekly class timetable - this might help you to structure your home learning day.

Merry Christmas. I know it will be a much different Christmas than we were expecting but have a good time, don't annoy your siblings, be kind with your words and actions to those that you love..... And remember to have fun.

See you when we get back in January Miss Goodall

Putting our Christmas wishes on the tree.

Christmas Jumper Day fundraising for Save the Children charity.

Don't forget the upcoming events.....
Christmas Jumper day on Friday 11th December
Christmas Party Tuesday 15th December - wear your party clothes to school
Christmas Lunch Wednesday 16th December
Last Day is Friday 18th December - normal finishing time.

Children in Need dressing up photos

Some of us wearing our 'Odd socks'

Welcome back. 

Don't forget to keep looking at our Badgers class page so that you can see photos of all the lovely activities we do in class.

Term 2

Well done everyone for a brilliant last day and fabulous Talent show. Yippee we've made it. Remember that you come back on Tuesday 3rd November 2020 not Monday!


If you tidy your bedroom over the break and you find any games or books that need a new home, we would like to use them during our wet playtimes.


Thank you and enjoy the break. Stay safe Miss Goodall and Mrs Buckley.

Imitating our digestive system. Ask your child what we did.

Today we created chalk portraits based on some Pablo Picasso painted of himself.

Photos of Badgers enjoying a PE session

Welcome back everyone, it's so great to see everyone after such a long break. I'm sure we will have lots of fun in the coming school year. Please check back regularly to see updates.


Many Thanks Miss Goodall and Mrs Buckley



2019 - 2020

Happy Summer Holidays....

I hope that everyone has a fabulous time.. whatever you are doing and wherever you spend your days. Have lots of fun and laughs and if you get bored you can always dip into some of the activities in the folders on our class page.


Don't forget to keep reading and maybe keep a diary or write a story about a well known fairy tale character.


Stay safe and see you in September

Hello Badgers,


Good news... I will now be in school when you visit on Wednesday... The court had enough jurors without me so I am really looking forward to seeing you all and I know Mrs Buckley is as well.


Miss Goodall

Here are some photos of our class enjoying Sports Day activites at home and in school.

Good morning Everyone


Well it's Sports day in school today so don't forget to enter all the results of the home sports you have been participating in. Remember every point counts towards your House team winning..... YEAH!!!


Have a good day Miss Goodall and Mrs Buckley

Welcome to Monday morning and to our new Wolves class members (who are Years 3 and 4 at the moment). 


Please  be aware that you will need to check the maths answers correspond with the work completed, thank you.


Miss Goodall 

Good afternoon Badgers Class


We've had a fun afternoon in school with the DT unit.... Have a go yourselves find all the information you need in the Home Learning page - it's on the grid.


Once you've done that you could have a go at this activity 


Good luck from Miss Goodall and Mrs Buckley

Good morning Badgers....

Just a message to say well done to Henry M, Henry W and Fay and Tilly for theirHead teachers award look on Swan for more information on this.


Have a great weekend and stay safe... Miss Goodall

Good morning.

It's been great hearing how many of you have been working hard on your home learning tasks. I've been sent slmearlier photos and some examples of work you've completed and heard about the Headteachers awards you've earnt.

Keep trying your best and don't forget to enjoy some outside activities every day.

I'm sure we'll all be back soon from Miss Goodall 

Hello Everyone....

I know how much you all like a challenge and to write in a creative manner. So when Miss CLark sent an email with a writing competition on it I just knew you would all love to have a go - so here is the link with all the information you need and its less than 700 words needed.


 Sadly I'm not allowed to enter but imagine how great it would be if you won.... Good Luck Miss Goodall


Photos of you all, working hard and enjoying the fresh air. Keep sending photos in and I'll add them to the photoshow

Home learning photos

Hello from sunny Folkestone.....


I hope you have all enjoyed bread tasting for DT this afternoon, I had a sandwich with some very nice tiger bread and carried out the bread tasting task before I made the sandwich. 


Don't forget to ask your adult to get you the ingredients you will need when they go shopping if you would like to make the bread you've designed next week.


Have a great Bank holiday and don't forget to put out the bunting from Miss Goodall

Good morning Badgers

I hope you are all well and continuing to be Superheroes.... I know a tidy bedroom or a peaceful half an hour are always appreciated by your parents so if you can manage either of these you will be amazing.

I have been crafting in my spare time... I've been making Christmas cards πŸ˜€ because they are keeping me busy and focused on nice times I'm going to have in the future with my family and friends and you all. Perhaps you could make a list of the nice things you are going to enjoy once we are all back to normal.


Keep smiling and be kind Miss Goodall



Well today the weather is not so good... but the gardens and fields need water to help the flowers and crops grow so it's important. However it's the perfect opportunity for you to try the Class wordsearch I've created. Find all the class members in the grid... good hunting.

Good morning to you all.... It's another glorious day to start the week. I hope you've all been keeping busy and finding time to enjoy activities in the garden.


have some photos of James β›΅ building and know Alissa has been πŸ•οΈ at home, please keep sending in examples of your work or photos it's always great to see what you've accomplished and I can add some to our photo gallery. Head there to see what your friends have been doing.


So whatever you are doing - hopefully including your home learning tasks - stay safe, 🐝 helpful and have fun. We'll be back at school before long Miss Goodall

Rainbow wordsearch.... Find all the colours of the rainbow and more with this wordsearch I've created for you. FInd the bonus words send them to me and earn Reward points.

Hello Badgers... You all know how much I like Disney so I've created a wordsearch as a challenge for you. Why not create a wordsearch for me. Send them to Mrs Freeman and she will send them to me.

Hello Badgers!


I hope that you have had a great break , that you didn't eat too much chocolate and enjoyed the sunshine in your garden. I certainly did; lots of gardening and fence painting. 


I've planned lots of interesting activities for you to complete next week so don't forget to send in any examples of your work to Mrs Freeman at so that I can enjoy looking at them and then add them to the class page.


Miss Goodall 

Newsletter Term 5

Hello Badger's parents...

Here are some questions you could ask your child whilst reading with them

* What did the character look like? Can you draw a picture of them in your orange book?

* How did you think the story should have ended? Can you write a different ending in your book?

* Who would you like to meet most from the story? Explain why.

*Why did the author choose this title?

* If you were going to interview the main character what questions would you ask them? Write these in your book.


Look out for more questions after Easter.


Tuesday, hello to you all... Which  of the PE tasks have you managed to do? How many star jumps did you manage in the time limit? Could you challenge a family member to see if they could beat your total? I'm going to try it myself in the garden let you know how many I did tomorrow. Why don't you email and let me know if you beat me.

I've also helped the Guardians of Mathmatica.... You can find the link in the maths section, it was challenging but fun and you will definitely need a pencil and paper to help you work out some answers. Give it a go yourself.... And may be have a brave helper by your side for the really tricky questions.


Challenge for the Easter holiday.... Create a design for our class book corner.... We will then vote as a class on the one we like the best then use it to change our book corner once we are back at school. Remember to label your design clearly with the items you would like to be in there and write a short piece telling us why your design should be chosen. Draw in your Orange book to keep it safe.


Have a great day and enjoy your Easter eggs..... You know I will 


Miss Goodall



Good Monday morning Badgers....

I hope you are all well and trying hard with your new timetable... Please remember that you only need to try your best, if you don't have the equipment to complete a task or are finding it to difficult find an activity at home to do instead. Then send a photo in so that we can all see what you have been doing.

Most of all don't get upset or stressed about what you can't do, just take pride in what you can.

And remember to record it in your Orange book to bring in and show me and Mrs Buckley when we're all back in school again, as we'll all have lots to share....

Good Afternoon Badgers


I just wanted to share something that happened this morning... it snowed, great big fluffy flakes. Only for a short while but it was beautiful and very exciting as I love the snow.


If you notice anything special happening email in and I'll start a class diary of exciting events.


If you're bored find a game all the family can play together or make a game from recycled materials like we did for homework.


Miss Goodall

Good morning Badgers

I hope you are all working hard.... Don't forget your parents can give you Reward points, just colour in your 100 grid to record them.

I have also refunded all the fines you may have received on TT rock stars.... Remember better to be a bit slower in your time but more accurate with your answers..... Then no fines.

Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine and be good to each other and don't forget to email in ay work you get a Reward point for so that we can all share it.

Miss Goodall

Good Morning here is a picture of 2 pencil cases sent in by James. Well done I look forward to seeing you use them very soon.

Hello Again Badgers


It is Wednesday morning and I hope that you all had fun finishing your Pencil cases yesterday... I would love to see some of the finished ones - Tullula and I finished hers at school yesterday. So if you can get someone to take a photo of you with yours I would like to put these up on our class web page. Send them to Mrs Freeman at the school office and she will pass them on.

Good Morning Badgers


I hope that you are enjoying the sunshine in your gardens and completing your Homework task. 

Miss Wren will be emailing your home learning tasks to your parents, please complete as many as you can in your Orange book.


Multiplication Times Tables check from Standards and Testing agency information

Interactive game for learning spellings

Please note:


The time for Parent Pop in has changed from 2.30pm start to 3pm and will now finish at 3.30pm as we will not be finished with our History workshops until 3pm.


See newsletter for more details.

Following instructions that we had written on how to make a jam sandwich

Thanks you all for sorting sleeping bags and blankets.... watch this space for photographs showing us during our Literacy session.


We are reading a text about camping in a garden and thought it would be a great idea if we bought sleeping bags into school tomorrow (Thursday 14th November 2019) so that we could pretend we were actually camping in the classroom, so that we can gather ideas for our suspense story.

If you have a sleeping bag please bring it in and a torch if you have one.

Many thanks

Spelling strategy



This is a great game to play as a family. Play on a 3x3 grid (extend to 4x4 if needed) and put into it a common spelling pattern such as ough (see below), ask your child to build as many words as they can within the time limit using the available letters. You may need to remind them that they can only use each letter once in each word (more if it’s repeated in the grid).











We shall be visiting the pond in Sellindge on Wednesday afternoon (06.11.19) for a safety talk, please ensure your child has a coat with them. Thank you

Some photos of us learning our Literacy text - Fly eagle fly

We have sent home the Statutory spelling list for Years 3 and 4, please help your child learn these.


Here is our recommended method for this week...


Look. say, cover, write check. 


This method works as it is a multi-sensory approach, using sight, sound and touch: research shows that the more senses a child involves in their learning, the better the outcome.

Encourage your child to start with a list of 10 words(or less)

  1. Look at the word carefully. Pay attention not just to the letters and their order, but also to the shape the word makes on the page - joined up handwriting can help with this.
  2. Say it aloud. Say the word both as you would usually say it, and then again enunciating any silent letters, e.g. Wed – nes – day.
  3. Cover the word with a piece of paper or your hand
  4. Write the word down from memory.
  5. Check your answer letter by letter. If you’ve got it wrong, write it out again correctly.


This is most effective if repeated every day for a week before choosing another 10 words.

Welcome to Badgers' class page



At the start of the new year we'd like to welcome you to our class web page. Here are a few things we would like to remind you of:

  • Please read with your child every evening - if possible - and sign their contact book. Preferably their school reading book but it could also be  a book they have used for research, a book they are enjoying at home, an instruction booklet, a newspaper etc.
  • Homework will usually be handed out on a Friday for return the following Tuesday, this could take the form of a written or practical task - as always if your child is experiencing difficulty with this we are always happy to help in school. Homework always includes learning times tables and the year 3/4 spelling words.
  • PE will usually be on a Thursday and Friday afternoon but may happen on other days so please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times - you may want to include a blue or black tracksuit for the colder months.

We aim to have high expectations for learning in Badgers and hope that you will join us on this exciting journey, many thanks Miss Goodall and Mrs Buckley.


Term 1 coverage