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Modern Foreign Languages at Sellindge



Bonjour  Bore da   Buna Ziua   Ni hao


Guten tag    Maharba      Namaste




At Sellindge Primary School we encourage our younger children to understand communication and explore other languages. This is done through greetings, daily routines, games and songs. During some topics, the children may look at a language in more depth in order to learn more about a place or its people.


When the children go into Key Stage 2 they begin a more specific curriculum to learn French. The curriculum is taught on a programme where topics taught in lower key stage 2 are revisited and developed further in upper key stage 2.

The curriculum ensures that the children are taught to:-

  • understand and respond to spoken and written language;
  • speak with increasing confidence and fluency;
  • begin to write for different purposes using their knowledge of the phonics, grammar and vocabulary;
  • communicate practical ideas, facts and feelings;
  • lay the foundations for future foreign language teaching at Key Stage 3


In consultation with our local secondary schools, and owing to our proximity to France, the school has decided that French is the most beneficial language for our pupils to focus on.


French Day