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Parent Voice

Thank you for completing this year’s parent survey. Your feedback is important to us and very helpful.


I am very pleased that you feel that we are doing so many things well and it was lovely to receive such positive comments. The feedback tells us that we are a welcoming school with a friendly, gentle and approachable staff. Our methods of communication are helpful and regular. The children are safe in school and they feel safe. Parents like our sense of community and we make parents feel part of the school, like a big family. We support all aspects of child development: educationally, physically and emotionally, and wellbeing is high on the agenda. The children are happy to come to school and our decision making is always child centred. It is good to know that so many of you chose our school because of its good reputation.


Our new parents feel that their children have settled really well and that their start to school has been a very positive experience.

“I chose for my child to attend Sellindge Primary School because it has very good values. I knew my child would love it and he does”  Year R Parent


“It has exceeded my expectations since being there. The school feels like a central part of village life”  Year 2 Parent


“I find it a friendly and welcoming school with staff that do their jobs very well and are very good with the children.”  Year 4 parent


"Communication is very good from the school and the class teacher. The class teacher goes above and beyond to to make the parents feel involved in their child's learning." Year R Parent


"Knowing every child and treating them as individuals." Year 6 Parent


"Enhancing the curriculum with fun linked activities and theme days. My daughter feels excited to participate in these activities. There are warm welcomes to the school every morning. Great communication to give parents plenty of notice of events" Year 1 Parent


"Very approachable and friendly environment" Year 3 Parent


"Make us feel like part of the school community. Great variety of lessons and social activities for the children, which makes learning fun. Making our child feel comfortable and confident to learn". Year 2 Parent

We will look at ways to make sure that there is consistency across the classes when sharing information with parents. We will continue to discuss the idea of a social media account as there is still no clear cut opinion one way or the other.


Once again, thank you for taking the time to complete this year’s survey.

A full analysis of the results can be viewed by clicking on the following documents