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Parent Voice

Thank you for completing this year’s parent survey. Your feedback is important to us and very helpful.


I am very pleased that you feel that we are doing so many things well and it was lovely to receive such positive comments. The feedback tells us that we are a welcoming school with a friendly, gentle and approachable staff. Our methods of communication are helpful and regular. The children are safe in school and they feel safe. Parents like our sense of community and we make parents feel part of the school, like a big family. We support all aspects of child development: educationally, physically and emotionally, and wellbeing is high on the agenda. The children are happy to come to school and our decision making is always child centred. It is good to know that so many of you chose our school because of its good reputation.


Our new parents feel that their children have settled really well and that their start to school has been a very positive experience.

“Thanks to all the staff for making our child’s start to school such a lovely, relaxed experience. They come home every day happy and enthusiastic, telling us how amazing school is. It has made us feel reassured that we made the right choice of school for them.”  Year R Parent


“The school and teachers are 100% looking out for the kid’s future and do everything they can to make the kids school life a positive and happy one.”  Year 2 Parent


“It is a small, personal and friendly environment making it a place my children like to attend every day without a fuss.”  Year 5 parent

From your feedback we have made sure that we started after-school clubs as soon as possible and included some of the most popular suggestions: Music and dance, arts and crafts and Lego.

There was quite a range of differing views on homework so we have conducted a more detailed survey during parents evening. If you were unable to complete this survey and would like to do so, please take a copy from the office.

We have taken into consideration the views on YR transition and will include these in our (hopefully more normal) transition events for 2022.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to complete this year’s survey.

A full analysis of the results can be viewed by clicking on the following documents