Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Term 5

We finished our term by heading off on our school trip.  We have been looking at different transport so we headed to the miniature railway.  After enjoying our journey and seeing how many different forms of transport we could spot, we visited the railway exhibition and played in the park.  After our picnic lunch we boarded the train again and headed back to Hythe.  Once we arrived, there was just time to enjoy a quick lolly before we were picked up.

This week our Chrysalis's finally turned into butterflies.  Two had already hatched when we came into school on Monday morning, the next 2 hatched during our investigation and discovery time and we were able to watch the last one hatch just before we headed off for lunch.  We waited until the next day when it was nice and sunny to release them on the field.  We thought it was a good place as there were lots of flowers and trees for them to land on.

The sun has started shining this week so lots of us have chosen to spend our investigation and discovery time in the outside area.  We have been mixing paints using the powder paints and challenging ourselves to see how many colours we can make, building trucks, blowing bubbles, picking flowers for our mud kitchen and enjoying lots of water play.  Inside we have been looking at maps and made a 'messy map' of our school.  Our Caterpillars have now turned into Chrysalises and we are excited to see what happens next.  We have made a classroom display about what has happened so far.

We had a lovely start to our week with a visit from 'Step-Out' Forest School.  We used palm drills to make necklaces, wove bracelets from sheep wool and hammered patterns using leaves.  We then finished off the session by lighting a fire and toasting marshmallows.  We have also been watching out caterpillars grow and finding out more about their life cycle.  We have made the different parts ready for a display.

This week we arrived back from our holiday to find some enormous footsteps on the floor and some beans in the middle of our carpet.  Some of us thought that it might be a Giant! When we looked in our castle role play area we say that there was a gigantic fork, knife, teapot and cup.  We also found a chicken and some golden eggs.  Some of us thought that we might be learning about 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  We also had a very important job this week, chief biscuit testers!  Our friends in Moles class were designing and making biscuits and wanted to speak to some biscuit experts (they had come to the right place!).  We voted for the flavours we liked best and then gave them feedback when we got to taste the finished biscuits.