Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Term 3

With great excitement, the penguin egg hatched! We write notes to daddy penguin to let him know and made sure we looked after the chick until he came back.  When daddy penguin returned, he left us a challenge! To make a habitat for a polar animal.  We had to think about whether we were making an arctic or antarctic habitat and then think carefully about the animals that would be there and what they would need.

On Monday morning there was a big puddle on our floor and some wet footprints next to a story book.  We weren't sure who had left it but made some cameras to leave out incase it came back!  The next day we found footage of an Emperor Penguin outside our door.  We left notes to try and encourage it to come back and made fish to make it feel welcome.  The following day we found a penguin egg with a note asking for us to take care of it.  We were then very busy making sure people were careful and made sure it was kept warm  We are very excited to see what happens next.

Our week started in a very exciting way with some snow! Unfortunately it wasn't enough to lay but we still enjoyed playing it in.  The rest of the week was very cold we we were able to do lots exploring the ice and finding different ways to try and melt it and seeing what different things we could try and freeze.  We were all feeling a bit cold and hungry on Friday afternoon so we decided to have some toast to warm ourselves up.  We did a really good job of spreading the butter and jam ourselves and using the knife to cut it in half.

We have had a chilly start to 2024 with our role play area being turned in to the Arctic and we will be learning all about the Polar Regions.  We have been joining materials to make igloos and finding out where different animals in the Polar Regions might live.