Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Term 4

What a busy end of the term we have had, exploring all things Easter.  We learnt about the meaning of Easter and then made our own Easter egg trails.  We made maps for our friends to follow as well as writing clues for them to use to help find the eggs.  We took part in an egg rolling competition to see whose rolled the furthest before finishing the week with a whole school Easter egg hunt!

We have been spending a lot of time outside this week and some of us have really been enjoying making 'dinosaur land'.  We found out that lots of us knew different information about dinosaurs so when we worked together we had lots of ideas.  In our maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes.  We used our knowledge to design and make a house for Agatha the Witch after one of her spells went very wrong and made her house disappear! We thought about what shape would be best for the different parts and then used junk modelling to make it.  We also had a competition with Mrs Oates to see who could find the most 3D shapes around the classroom and we won with an amazing 61 shapes spotted!

This week we had book week.  We started the week by dressing up as our favourite book character and went on a book trail around the school, answering questions about different stories we had heard.  We did lots of activities about books, read with our buddies and even had a visit from an Author where we found out all about how to write a story.

This week we have been thinking about Mother's Day and thinking about what special people we have in our lives.  We hosted a Mother's Day Tea Party, where we invited our mummy to come into school.  We decorated cakes with them, made a special video for them to watch, sang them a song and then presented them with their cards and gifts.

A witch called Agatha arrived in our classroom this week and read us 'Room on the Broom'.  We told her where she could find some worms for her recipes and she said that we might see her soon.  When we headed to our wildlife area later on in the week, we found Agatha crying.  She had lost her broom so we helped her read her spell to make a new one.  We then had great fun, writing our own spells (mostly to turn the teachers into frogs!)  We have started talking about signs of Spring, and we were lucky enough to go to the farm and see the lambs.  We were able to ask questions and find out lots of new information.  

Over the half term, Hogwarts had arrived in our classroom following on from lots of Harry Potter interest and upcoming book week.  We also had lots of talk about pancakes from Shrove Tuesday the week before so we decided to read 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' and wrote shopping lists of what we would need to make our own pancakes.  The next day we made pancakes and tried them with different toppings and then made a pictogram to find out the one the class preferred the most.