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Sellindge School Association

Our school has a lively and supportive School Association. As parents of  children in this school you automatically become members.

This gives many opportunities to develop the partnership between home and  school, to get to know staff and parents in an informal way, and to join in with  many enjoyable social activities. These include a Christmas Fair, Discos, competitions and a Summer Fair.

These activities have raised valuable funds for the school. Meetings are held  regularly in school and we invite you to come and join in.

Notices of each meeting are advertised via Scweek and the Association  sends out regular newsletters.

Minutes of Meeting 7th October 2015

Minutes of AGM 16th September 2015

Agenda 7th May 2015

Minutes of Meeting 5th March 2015

Agenda 5th March 2015

Minutes of Meeting 6th February 2015

Agenda 6th February 2015

Minutes of Meeting 8th January 2015

Minutes of Meeting 3rd December 2014

Agenda 3rd December 2014

Minutes of Meeting 7th November 2014

Minutes of Meeting 2nd October 2014

AGM 18th September 2014

Minutes of SSA Meeting 13th March 2014

Agenda 13th March 2014

SSA Minutes 18th October 2013

Agenda November 14th 2013

Minutes of SSA Meeting 14th November 2013

Agenda 16th January 2014

Minutes of SSA Meeting 16th January 2014