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Yes It's SATs time again... Don't forget our Year 6 Breakfast Club in Foxes classroom from 8.15am. 


Parents please help your child to have a restful weekend and ensure they get plenty of sleep, this is the best thing you can do to help your child at this stage and read our SATs survival guide located at the bottom of this page. 


Thanks Miss Goodall

Building our Trebuchets using a variety of wood working skills, testing and modifying the design.

Trebuchet testing on the playground

Hi All Year 6 (and parents)


I have looked at the weather forecast for our trip to PGL - Windmill HIll - and it looks grey, wet and chilly. Please ensure that you bring a waterproof coat and layers to keep you warm, 2 pairs of trainers, toiletries, clean underwear and a dustbin bag for wet items. Remember to bring a sparkly outfit for the disco.


PARENTS - please show your child what you have packed for them - we have had instances where children do not know what to re pack when we are leaving - as they do not know what belongs to them. If in doubt please label their belongings - We cannot be responsible for lost items. 


Finally - please ensure that the school has an up to date phone number so that we can contact you should we need to.

Today you were given your Times Tables Rock star username and Login, go to the site (link below)



Try and become a world re-known Rock Star as you practice your times tables!!!!!

Newsletter Term 4

This is what our maths lesson on volume looked like today

Term 3 coverage

Here are the Class codes for Progidy maths game:


Foxes - C20CF3


Fox cubs - B69459


REMEMBER - you do not need to buy a membership in order to fully play this game.

Welcome to Foxes class page.

Here you will find lots of interesting information about us all, including: photographs of us participating in a range of activities, examples of our work and useful websites to help us with our homework.

Testing thermal materials - Photo Powerpoint

Curriculum coverage Term 1

Children completing an investigation using electrical circuits.

Questions to ask your child about the investigation and what they discovered whilst carrying this out.


What does an electrical circuit need to make it work?

What is a cell?

What happens if you overload the circuit? (put too many bulbs or buzzers into it)

How can you test your circuit if you think the bulb is the issue?

What is the scientific word for the flow of electricity?

Can you draw the symbols used for a bulb, a buzzer, a wire, a battery, a switch?

Can you make a switch using everyday items? If so what would you need?

Fed up of your child sitting at the computer playing games? Then go to Hour of code (https://hourofcode.com/uk) where your child can play games and learn coding at the same time.


Choose from activities based on Mine Craft, Frozen, Star Wars and many others. There's something to suit everyone and it's fun, try it yourself you will soon be hooked. Learning the skill of coding has never been so much fun!

SATs - Parents survival guide