Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day


We had a big job to do in our wildlife area after the storm, with lots of sticks and fallen branches that had fallen down.  We talked about the weather and decided to make some wind chimes to go up in the trees.  We decided to empty our wormeries into the soil, hoping that it would help the plants to grow.  We also started using our new den equipment.  It was a windy day so we needed lots of pegs to hold it down.

This week we helped to get the outside area ready for Year 1 and 2 to use for their fabulous finale.  We raked up the leaves from the firepit area and put them in the wheelbarrow before moving them and making big piles of leaves in another area.  We wondered if any animals might make homes in the leaves and what would happen to the leaves?  It was a big job but we worked together as a team.  We also carried on exploring the outside area, hunting for minibeasts and drawing and writing about what we could see.

This week was a much warmer Woodland Wander and we thought that the warmer weather made us feel like Spring was on it's way.  Some of us wanted to carry on finding bits to go in our wormeries.  We decided that the red guardian elf would be happy that we were caring for the worms so well, the orange elf would be happy as the worms were helping the soil and the green guardian elf would be happy as the rich soil would help things grow.  We learnt how to make pictures using flour and stencils in the mud today and decorated them with natural obejcts.  We finished by enjoying a hot chocolate while listening to 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson.

Last week whilst looking at minibeasts we wondered if worms had eyes and mouths?  This week we decided to find out so we have spent time researching all about earthworms.  We decided to make wormeries so we could look at them in more detail.  We made our wormeries and carefully collected the worms to go inside and things that they could eat.  

This week on our woodland wander we wanted to find out which minibeasts were in our wildlife area.  We first talked about how important it was to be gentle when picking them up and how we needed to make sure we put them back in the same place.  We found that the best place to find our minibeasts were under different objects.  We used the word habitat alot, when talking about where they lived.  We ticked them off on our sheets when we found them so we could add this to our board inside.  Some of us wanted to make some more bird feeders to encourage more wildlife into our area.  

We were very excited to see that the bird feeders that we had made before Christmas, had all be eaten.  We decided that we would like to make some more for the animals in our wildlife area.  Today, we had some free investigation time in the wildlife area.  We had note pads, magnifying glasses, spades and tubs to collect anything interesting that we found.  When digging in the mud we found lots of worms.  We talked about how we needed to be gentle and careful when putting them in tubs to look closely at them and also the importance of putting them back where we found them.