Primary School

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Art - Week beginning 30th March

LO I can design a Easter Card.


I was so impressed with your Mothers' Day card last week, that I thought it would be nice to use the same design for an Easter card. It can be for someone in your family, although it might be nice to send it to someone you know that is not able to get out at the moment. If you can't get out to actually post it then take a photo and email or send it by text. (You could actually send it this way to a few different family and friends!)


If you want to use the simple design we did for the Mothers' Day cards that would be great but if you have a different idea then you may use that but please send me a photo of it because I love looking at your artwork. You can use any paper or card that you have or something recycled or even a page from your home working book, ( use the lines as part of your design!)


You could start with this type of design and then think of all the ideas we magpied from each other, like adding smaller pictures linked to Easter, mini messages, bunting, borders, pop-ups inside etc.

Have fun and please send me photo via the school office email. Mrs Rickards.