Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Week beginning 23rd March


How are you all? We are already missing you but we promised to keep in touch, so here we are.


Your first job is to see if you can teach the Guardian Elf song and actions to your family. We have put the words below.

Good luck!

The Guardian Elves 

The Guardian Elves Song (To the tune of Lou, Lou skip to the Loo!)


Red is for animals,
Love and care.
Orange’s the earth,
That we all share.


Yellow’s the sun,
Who shines down her light.
Green for the plants,
Whatever their height.

Blue’s for the water,
The rivers, the sea.
Indigo’s as fickle,
As weather can be.

Violet’s the moon
And the dark of the night,
But also the stars
That twinkle so bright.


These guardians united,
They’re such a great team.
They all work together,
To make life a dream...


Keeping nature in balance,
It’s a hard act to do,
So we must work together,
And YES that means you!