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DT Week Beginning 23rd March

Tuesday 24th tMarch 2020
Design and Technology Slipper Project

LO I can create a template for the sole of my slipper.

I’m hoping we can complete some of this project at home as we made such a great start in class.
But I understand it might be tricky. So remember:

  •  Even if you can’t actually make a slipper you can still join in these activities.
  • You do not need to use sewing in your design.
  • You could make a slipper sock rather than a slipper.
  • Your end piece may just be a careful drawing of your design. 


Today we need to create a template of our foot, or if you would like to make the slippers for another family member then their feet!

How to make a template:

  1. Find the yellow sheet of paper in your DT pack. (If it's lost use a piece of newspaper or any paper you can find.)
  2. Put on a pair of socks and draw around your feet. When you draw around your feet make the line a little bigger than your foot. Remember your foot needs to fit inside the slipper
  3. Cut out the pair of templates.
  4. Label them left and right.
  5. Put the templates in your DT pack safe for the next session. Good Job Foxes!