Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

WB 4th May

Our topic for this term is all about Britain. What does it mean to be British?

We will look at how we live in a diverse, multicultural and democratic society and that this is important and brings many benefits. We will learn about British people, rules, the law, liberty and what living in a democracy means and the importance of being tolerant of differences within our society.


Week 3

Activity 1

Discuss what is the difference between a ‘rule’ and a ‘law’? What rules do we have in school? Are any of these linked to a law in Britain?


Activity 2

Why are rules and laws important? Make a list of reasons why we have rules and laws. Think about what might happen if we didn’t.


Activity 3.

Find out about who makes the laws in Britain


Activity 4

Make an information poster for other children to show them how the laws in Britain help us.