Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

WB 27th April

Term 5 – Week 2 Science Investigation         


Hi Sellindge,

In the lovely weather that we have been having, I have been playing in the garden with my little girl Rosie.  She loves to play in her water tray but unfortunately, we can’t find her toy boats.  She asked if she could make a toy boat and it got me thinking what I might have in my house that I could use to make a boat for her to play with.  Can you make and design a boat that can float on the water?

You will need:

  • Variety of different cards and papers; paper towels; tin foil; cellophane; acetates; sellotape.
  • Wax crayons, paint with small amount of PVA added.
  • Large bowl and water for testing boats

Things to think about:

Use your knowledge of different materials to select those that you think would be suitable for making a boat.  Then design and make a boat and test if it floats, finding out that those materials that soak up the water would not be suitable for a boat.  Maybe you could ask other people in your house to make one too and test them against each other?

Think about if you could use the wax crayons or paint to improve your boat and think about waterproofing.

Key Questions:

Why did you choose that material to make your boat?

Why don’t you think that this material will be as good?

How could you use the paint or wax crayon to make your boat even better?


-          I can set up fair tests when necessary

-          I can report and explain findings

Can you draw your boat and label the materials you have used, explaining why you have chosen that material? Once you have tested your boats, make any changes to your design in a different colour, explaining why.  Can you adapt your boat to carry some cargo?  Maybe you could add small stones to your boat?  Test how much cargo your boat is able to take and write up a conclusion.