Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

W/B 27th April

Week 2

Activity 1

A community is a group of people who live or work together in the same place, or like to do the same kind of things. Where you live is called your local area. The local area and the people who live there are known as the local community.

What communities do you belong to and who else belongs to those communities?

Activity 2

Our neighbours are the people who live and work in our community.

A good neighbour is someone who thinks about what other people need to feel happy.

How can someone be a good neighbour?

Activity 3.

Britain is a democracy because it has a government which supports the belief in freedom and equality between all people. Britain is also a democracy because the government is made up of politicians which different local communities vote for.

Find out about some of the politicians that are in the Government at the moment? Maybe find out about the local MP (Member of Parliament) for your community.

Activity 4

In a democracy, who is free to be who they want to be and believe in what they want to believe in?

In a democracy what people are equal?

Activity 5

In 1948 The United Nations made a declaration for universal rights of everyone. Explore Article 21 and how it relates to democracy.

Does this happen in Britain? Ask your family (over 18 years old) to tell you about the voting process in the UK.