Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

W/B 23rd March

For the Foxes that have been away recently, here is a summary of the key points so far…


The children have arrived in Whitby at the Crow’s Nest Hotel and settled into their rooms. Girls are on the top floor and the boys are on the floor underneath- there is no room 13 but Fliss is in room 12. They have been out to the church and a walk along the coastal path where they were told of the ghost of a girl that what decapitated by a falling rock.

During the first night, Fliss needed to use the bathroom and heard strange noises coming from the ‘linen cupboard’. She noticed that cupboard was showing 13 on the door. In the morning it was gone, so Fliss thought she might have had another dream, but noticed that the floor of the bathroom was still wet where she had splashed water.

In Chapter 12 the class went for a walk but Ellie –May was not very well. David Trotter told her that he had seen her walking around the hotel during the night but she insisted that she had not been up. However, he could describe her rabbit pyjamas. Fliss decided to tell David Trotter about what she had seen and heard. They agreed to stay up during the second night to see what happens.

Chapter 13 contained no writing…


Tuesday 24th March

Read Chapter 14

Clarify any new vocabulary

Summarise the ‘plan’.


Wednesday 25th March

Read Chapter 15

Clarify any new vocabulary

Put the following information in the correct order

A: ‘The cupboard was room thirteen.’

B: ‘Presently they heard the distant chimes again.  Midnight.’

C: ‘Ellie-May crossed the landing to the cupboard door.’

D: ‘It was nearly eleven o’clock before the girls in room ten stopped talking.’

E: ‘I think someone’s coming.’


 Thursday 26th March

Read Chapter 16, 17 and 18

Clarify any new vocabulary


Friday 27th March

Using the information in Chapters 17 and 18, imagine that you are Mr Hepworth and you have decided to phone the parents of Fliss or Ellie- May. Write a script for the words that he might say.

I have included some sentence starters if you would like to use them.


Hello, this is Mr Hepworth from school…

I’m phoning because I am very concerned about…

She has…

I don’t want to alarm you…

If the situation becomes worse we will…

I think we need to…

We’d like your permission to…