Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

W/B 20th April

Monday 20th April

Read Chapter 21

At the end Gary says ‘It won’t be up to us….. Here comes the cavalry’.

Find out what the word cavalry means and explain what the expression ‘here comes the cavalry’ means.


Tuesday 21st April

Read Chapter 22

Make a prediction about what will happen in the morning.

Think about the following:-

What will Fliss tell Marie?

What will the teachers say to Fliss and the others?

What will Ellie-May feel like and what will she remember? Remember to think about evidence for your ideas.


Wednesday 22nd April

Read Chapter 23 (It is a longer but very exciting chapter!)


Thursday 23rd April

Summarise what Sal Haggerlythe knows about the Crow’s Nest and the buildings that it replaced.

Summarise what she knows about Fliss?


Friday 24th April

Question: What do you think went through Fliss’s mind after she said that she would help? Write down a few of her thoughts in thought bubbles.