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WB 20th April

Thursday 23rd April          


Hi Sellindge,

I have just bought some ice lollies for my family to enjoy when we have finished all of our work at the end of the day but … my freezer has broken! Can you help me by designing and making something to protect my ice lolly from melting and help it survive the day?

You will need:

Ice lollies or ice cubes and a range of materials to wrap and cover the ice to protect it from melting such as foil, cotton wool, cardboard and kitchen towel.

Things to think about:

  • Where will you put the lollies/ice
  • How will you attach it?
  • Will it stand up on its own?
  • Will it cover it completely?

Test out your creations.  Were there any surprises? Which of them kept the lollies cold the longest?

Background Science: The ice lolly absorbs energy from the surrounding environment. Eventually it will absorb sufficient energy to melt the liquid. The ice lollies need to be insulated to prevent them from absorbing the energy and melting.


-          I can set up fair tests when necessary

-          I decide what observations and measurements to make

Can you set up your investigation correctly? Make sure you write your prediction and conclusion and a suitable table to record your data.