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The Ashford Teaching Alliance

School Direct and the Ashford Teaching Alliance


What is The Ashford Teaching Alliance (ATA)?
The Ashford Teaching Alliance has been formed by a group of schools from Ashford and Hythe. Our aim is to develop high quality staff training and development in order to give young people in our schools the opportunity to achieve to the best of their potential.
Brockhill Park Performing Arts College (BPPAC) is the Lead School for Initial Teacher Training and all applications are made through BPPAC via the Teaching Agency portal on behalf of all the schools in the Alliance.

What is School Direct?
School Direct is a new post graduate route into teaching from September 2013.
School Direct and School Direct Salaried are school based routes for training and replace the GTP (Graduate Teaching Programme). The university based PGCE programme will still be available. School direct places are school based and are either salaried (SDS) or non- salaried (SD).

What is the difference?
SDS is for candidates with at least 3 years experience of a workplace after graduation. SDS trainees will be paid a salary and will be expected to have their own timetabled lessons and are not supernumerary. 
SD trainees will not receive a salary. This route is open to all graduates and will funded by tuition fees paid by the trainee. The trainee may be entitled to a student loan and, in some subjects, a bursary, dependant on their degree classification. They will have a more supernumerary/supported role.

Both routes will have their training provided by the school and by the training provider.
The ATA works in partnership with Canterbury Christchurch University and Equalitas as their training providers.

How do I find out about the schools in The Ashford Teaching Alliance?
Please look at our websites. The schools providing teacher training places are listed below.

How do I Apply?
You apply through the Training Agency portal. 
You can gain access to this by following this link   www.education.gov.uk