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Term 5

This week we welcomed some caterpillars into our classroom.  We wrote questions about what we wanted to find out about our caterpillars on our 'butterfly wonder' wall and read some books to find out what will happen to our caterpillars.  Our Year 6 buddies have worked very hard this week, taking their SATS.  We decided to throw them a 'well done' party.  We made decorations and surprised them when they were all finished.  We were very proud of how hard they have worked and enjoyed spending some time with them.

We started the week by going on a treasure hunt around our school.  We noticed that a route and a 'x' had been added to our big class map and when we reached the end we found our treasure chest! It had been stolen by Captain Black.  He wrote to us saying sorry and asked if we could teach him how to be a good Hedgehog and he would teach us how to be a pirate.  We started by teaching him how to be kind which is our first hedgehog promise.  One of our friends made a bird feeder at home, after reading about it in an information book.  She told us all about it so we decided to make some in class.  We wrote a shopping list for Mrs Oates and then we wrote instructions after to say how we had made them.

We had a great first week back after our Easter break and did an amazing job of telling our friends all about our holidays and recording it in our first day back books.  Our home corner has been turned into a pirate ship and we have enjoyed exploring that.  On our woodland wander this week we noticed all of the blossom on the trees so we brought some inside to paint.  It has been quite a blustery week so we had fun, making kites after flying Mrs Oates kite on the field.

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