Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Term 4

Happy Easter!

This has been a very different term, partly in lock down and then welcoming the Hedgehogs back to school a couple of weeks in. We can not tell you how happy we all were to see the children. We also appreciate all the hard work that children and parents have completed at home over these challenging few months.


Our aim for the remainder of this term is to make sure the children are secure and happy to resume the wonderful learning that had been happening before Christmas.


One exciting thing that has happened is the development of our new Woodland Wander area. Our wildlife area was so overgrown and unfenced that it was not really a suitable place for us to explore. However, through funding from the Parish Council, we have cleared areas and fenced the perimeter so that it is now a fantastic outside learning resource for the whole school.

Have a look here to see our first visit!

Letter to Hedgehogs' Parents. 9-3-21