Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day


It was much warmer on our woodland wander today, so much so that we were glad to be in the shade of the trees with all of their green leaves.  We had been reading books about storms in our phonics lesson and we decided to see if we could make more shelters to keep us dry from a storm that was coming.  We had to work together and used lots of problems solving skills as some of our material had holes in.  At the end we tested them out to see if they worked.

It was our first woodland wander of the summer today and ... it rained!  We talked about the kind of weather we would expect in the summer and also went on a hunt to see if we could find things that were all of the colours of the guardian elves.  We thought that we might find more colours since we last looked in the autumn as the flowers had 'bloomed'.  The rain then really started to come down so we made a shelter to keep us dry.