Primary School

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As we have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly in class we decided to make our own butterflies using natural materials.  We learnt about butterflies being symmetrical.  We collected lots of materials from the outside area.  We started to make our butterflies but the weather became quite windy so we had to finish them off inside.  We are going to add our butterflies to our display.

After 2 weeks off for our Easter break, we noticed lots of changes in our outside area.  There was more blossom on the trees and lots of green plants had started to grow through the mud.  One of us had brought a fluffy feather and a piece of egg shell in to show that she had found on the floor.  We talked about chicks and how eggs would soon start to hatch.  We decided to take some play eggs outside and make some nests for them to go inside.

This week be noticed blossom starting to grow on some of the trees.  We had watched a clip inside about a bug hotel so we began turning some of the empty pallets into our own bug hotel.  We thought about the materials the minibeasts might like and worked together to start building it.  We talked about the different animals we might start seeing now spring is here and we decided to make some bird nests.  We lined bowls with the different materials we found and then added a layer of mud to stick it all together.  We will leave this to dry for the week and then see how they turn out!

We enjoyed the beautiful spring weather this week on our woodland wander and carried on looking for signs of spring.  We thought we could hear more birds tweeting, saw lots of daffodils and also saw buds on some of the trees.  We enjoyed making a den this week and talked about how we could improve this next week.

This week we went on a walk around our outside area to look for 'signs of spring'.  We talked about what we might see before hand and thought how it might be different from our walks in the winter and autumn.  We also thought about what other things we might see as the season goes on.