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Reading at Sellindge Primary School

Reading at Sellindge Primary School

At Sellindge Primary School we know the importance of developing reading skills throughout the primary age range and how regular reading at home makes such a difference to how well children progress.

This is a brief guide to reading books in school.


In Early Years the children are exposed to lots of different literature and spend time listening to stories and retelling them. They are taught how to read words through a phonic approach and learn some common tricky words. Primarily they read phonic books at an appropriate level and these are mostly from the Rigby Phonic Bug scheme.  Later on in the year the children begin to do some guided reading sessions and these books are mostly phonic.

Some children will start on ‘book bands’ (explained below).

All children can choose an additional book from the library.

Key Stage 1

As children move into Y1 and onto Y2 they will be allocated a coloured ‘book band’ according to their current reading level. As they become confident at reading that colour book, and show fluency and expression, they will move onto the next colour and so on. In each colour band there is a selection of books from a variety of reading schemes such as Rigby Phonics Bug, Oxford Reading Tree, Lighthouse and Ginn. Some of the books in the band may be slightly more challenging than others but they are about the same level of ability. The children can change their book every day if they wish and we leave it up to the children to select their choice from their colour band. They may wish to read to the same book more than once.

Key Stage 2

The children in the juniors will start on the colour band they were on when they left the infants. They will continue to move through the colour bands. As they enter the ‘cream’ level, the books become longer and more challenging and they will be less likely to be from a scheme. Children can still choose their own book but these are situated in the library and there are some recommended books that children should read for each colour band. As the children get older they will stay on the same colour for longer than they did at Key Stage 1 to enable them to develop good comprehension skills and experience a breadth of text type. We are constantly updating the library with current books and ask the children to request books that they would like to read.


Sometimes, children who find reading more challenging may be given books from a particular scheme specially designed to help them overcome any difficulties such as Hilo Readers, Totem and Talisman, and Alba Series.