Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

RE- Week beginning 4th May

Term 5 – Week 3 RE Planning

This term we are going to be thinking about what it means to pray.

Learning Objective: I can describe what some Muslims do and say when they pray.


Here we see twelve-year-old Kaisan demonstrating his prayer positions and describing how praying gives him a feeling of connection to Allah, and to all the other Muslims around the world. We see Muslims taking part all over the world.



Thinking Time

Muslims like to pray 5 times each day, following a pattern of body language taught to them over 14 centuries ago by the Prophet.


Can you suggest reasons why prayer is important to Muslims?




Watch Sara as she uses a personal camera to introduce us to her life, family and Muslim faith:

Can you find six facts about Sara?  You could note them down in a bubble diagram, with a picture of Sara in the middle. Afterwards can you create another bubble diagram for themselves: 'Six things about me?

Think about the things you and Sara may have in common and the things that may be different.