Primary School

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RE- Week beginning 11th May

Term 5 – Week 4 RE Planning

This term we are going to be thinking about what it means to pray.

Learning Objective: I can describe the practice of prayer in Hinduism

Thinking Time

Take a minute to think about objects that are special to you: that might be a family photo, letter from someone special, music, poem, religious symbol, sports trophy. It’s not how much money that they are worth that tells you the value of these things.

For Hindus a shrine is a collection of objects that shows what matters most, Many Hindus will have a shrine in their own home where they pray to their Gods.

This clip shows the ways Hindus pray to their gods at home. Hindus treat the images of gods and goddesses like very special guests who are respected, cared for, talked to, offered food and kept clean. Here a boy explains the Hindu worship called Puja, and the use of Aum as a form of prayer.

Activity - What is precious to you?

Think again about the objects that are special to you and why they are special. Can you draw or write about them? You can do this however you want – maybe draw an object in the centre of a piece of paper and then write words around it to explain why it’s special or you could write a story or poem about your special object or use this simple writing frame:

  • My most precious person is... because...
  • My most precious thing is... because...
  • My most precious book is...  because…
  • My most precious memory is... because…

Connecting the learning

Which of these sentences do you think is closest to your own view:

  • “When Hindus pray, they make a connection with god, and this is good because it can help them to be calm, or to be happy, or to be strong.”
  •  “I respect other people, and the Hindus can do what they want of course, but I don’t really believe in prayer myself.”
  • “Praying can make you feel calm, happy or strong because it is a ritual that makes a person reflect for themselves.”
  • “All religions have their ways of praying, and I believe God hears all prayers.” o “I think my way of praying is best, even if the Hindu way is a bit similar.”