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Friday 27th March 2020
LO To understand what Christians believe Jesus meant in quotes from the Bible.

We talked last session about some of the things that Christians believe Jesus said, from the Bible. The example we used was:

“Do for others what you want them to do for you, this is the meaning of the whole law.”


We talked about

1) What does it mean?
We said it was the Golden Rule; Do unto others as you would do unto yourself.


2) Why is it challenging or difficult to do?
We decided it could sometimes be hard to do when someone is unkind or rude to you.


3) What would change if everyone followed this teaching?  
We thought the world would be a much kinder, happier place if we did all act like this. We also talked about examples of how people have been acting like this today, looking after people with the virus and helping with shopping and prescriptions.


Today can you choose three more sayings of Jesus and answer the three questions for each one.

Here are the sayings:

Picture 1

Answer the three questions in your book:


The quote ( saying) is:


1) What does it mean?

2) Why is it challenging or difficult to do?

3) What would change if everyone followed this teaching?  


Challenge Question
" Which do you think is the easiest to live by and why?"



Term 1 - We have been exploring different beliefs about God and particularly learning what Christians believe about God. This topic has led us to explore respect, the Golden Rule and how you show this to people who may have a different belief to your own. Please have a look at the beautiful wreath that we created in our Art Subject Page.


Term 2 - This term we are exploring worship and sacred buildings.

Find out more about Christianity and Churches: http://request.org.uk/



Picture 1