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Music - Week beginning 11th May

Otters Music (KS1)

To day you are going to be singing and learning about a healthy diet.

Session 4 - Growth and Energy... Amazing food:

Before the session: Talk about a healthy diet and keeping healthy.

We are thinking about:

Keeping a steady beat

Singing with energy in contemporary styles

Tunes going low and high

Changing tempo

Click here to listen to Music Radio session 4


Please send in any photos or audios if you would like to share what you have done at home. You can say whether you would like just for me to look at them or whether you would like them posted on the website.


Badgers and Foxes Music (KS2)


Session 4 – Make a melody, a beginning and ending.

Here are the instructions for creating your song from last week.


1) Choose your piece of music, close your eyes and listen and see how it makes you feel and what ideas come into your head.


2) Write the lyrics (words) of your song. A song has a verse and a chorus that is repeated.


3) Decide the melody or tune of your song, it can be the same as the piece of music you chose or different.


4) Think about the beginning (intro) and the ending of the song.


5) Test out your song and practice it.

LO I can compose a simple song from a range of stimuli and develop this into a completed composition


Today. Hopefully last week you have created a song with 2 verses and a chorus. This week see if you can sing it to the melody of the piece of music that inspired you. It does not have to be exactly the same. If you think your song works better as a chant or a rap that is fine.


Then think about how your song will begin. Do you need a count in or three steady beats? How will your song end will it fade out or will it finish with a bang!


Finally for today sing/chant your song through all the way. If anyone can send in their ideas via email, I would love to see them or share them on here (if you are happy for me to).