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Music - Week beginning 4th May

Otters Music (KS1)

Hopefully last week you all had a go at making some noise in the kitchen. This week the song you are going to learn is much more calming!


Session 3 - The Song Tree:

Before the session: Talk about your favourite fruits.

We are thinking about:

Singing smoothly and gently

Higher and Lower

Going up and down in pitch

Click here to listen to Music Radio session 3


Please send in any photos or audios if you would like to share what you have done at home. You can say whether you would like just for me to look at them or whether you would like them posted on the website.


Badgers and Foxes Music (KS2)


Session 3 - Completing the lyrics of your song

Here are the instructions for creating your song from last week.


1) Choose your piece of music, close your eyes and listen and see how it makes you feel and what ideas come into your head.


2) Write the lyrics (words) of your song. A song has a verse and a chorus that is repeated.


3) Decide the melody or tune of your song, it can be the same as the piece of music you chose or different.


4) Think about the beginning (intro) and the ending of the song.


5) Test out your song and practice it.

LO I can compose a simple song from a range of stimuli and develop this into a completed composition


Today. Hopefully last week you started thinking about the chorus of your song. Can you remind yourself of it and see if there are any improvements that you can spot straight away.


Then can you try and write a verse for your song, it doesn’t need to be long maybe just four lines and remember it doesn’t have to rhyme. See if you can write a second verse, it can be similar to the first verse just try changing a few words.


Finally for today read or sing through your lyrics all the way through. Remember you would normally sing lyrics in this order:


Verse 1


Verse 2



If anyone can send in their ideas via email, I would love to see them or share them on here (if you are happy for me to).

Have fun, keep it simple and if it becomes more of a rap that’s fine.