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Music - Week beginning 27th April

This term we are trying to make the planning a bit simpler for families to be able to complete at home. For the Music we have planned different activities for KS1 (Otters) and KS2 (Badgers and Foxes). However if there are children in Otters that have older siblings then feel free for them to join in the KS2 activity instead.


Otters Music (KS1)

Hopefully last week you were all able to listen and join in the first session of the BBC school radio programs about food.


Session 2 - The Kitchen Sink:

Before the session: Practise clicking fingers together in time, with a ‘snap’ (this is usually done by snapping the second finger against the base of the thumb). If this is tricky just use your finger drums.

We are thinking about:

Body percussion actions
Keeping in time together
Lower and higher
Recognising timbre (the quality of the sound.)


You will need:

Kitchen implements, such as forks, spoons, mugs, plates, a high-sounding pot or pan and a low-sounding one.

Click here to listen to Music Radio session 2



If anyone is able to make some baking music, it would be great if you can record it and email into the office for me to listen to and share.


Badgers and Foxes Music (KS2)


Session 2 - Creating the lyrics of your song

Hopefully last week you were able to choose a piece of music that will help inspire your song and you wrote down the five steps to creating a song.
Here is the list. Can you self-mark your list:


1) Choose your piece of music, close your eyes and listen and see how it makes you feel and what ideas come into your head.


2) Write the lyrics (words) of your song. A song has a verse and a chorus that is repeated.


3) Decide the melody or tune of your song, it can be the same as the piece of music you chose or different.


4) Think about the beginning (intro) and the ending of the song.


5) Test out your song and practice it.

LO I can compose a simple song from a range of stimuli and develop this into a completed composition


Today can you listen to the piece of music you choose, close your eyes and see what ideas come into your head. Note down any ideas or pictures in your orange book.



Then can you start thinking about any words or phrases that could make up the chorus. Remember this is the part that repeats. Again jot these down in your book.

(If you haven’t had an idea form listening to the song maybe you could base your song on what’s happening at the moment and how we are all showing great love and kindness to each other or how much you are missing school!!)


Finally for today can you think about the first verse of your song.
Remember don’t worry if it doesn’t rhyme. Just get some ideas down.


If anyone can send in their ideas via email, I would love to share them on here.

Have fun, keep it simple and if it becomes more of a rap that’s fine.