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Music - Week beginning 20th April

This term we are trying to make the planning a bit simpler for families to be able to complete at home. For the Music we have planned different activities for KS1 ( Otters) and KS2 ( Badgers and Foxes). However if there are children in Otters that have older siblings then feel free for them to join in the KS2 activity instead.


Otters Music (KS1)


We've found some really fun BBC school radio programs that I thought would be fun to try for our Music this term. The first one is all about food…


One Tomato, Two Tomatoes. Before you listen to the program can you think about your favourite food and any rhymes of songs you know about food.

We are thinking about:

  • Long and short notes
  • Bright clear singing
  • Higher and lower

You will need:

A variety of simple instruments or anything you can find that will make a sound.
If you don’t have anything then remember you can use your body drums!


Click here to listen to Music Radio session 1


Badgers and Foxes Music (KS2)


Your Challenge over the next few weeks is to create your own song inspired by some of the music we have listened to on the Ten Pieces website.
LO I can compose a simple song from a range of stimuli and develop this into a completed composition


First you will need to watch this mini movie explaining the process of song writing. Click on the movie titled “Singer-songwriters Fiona and Kal…”


Next can you re-watch and list down the five steps to writing a song in your orange books.


Finally for today can you listen again to any of the ten pieces and choose one that you are going to use to inspire your song. Write its title, composer and the date it was written in your books ready for the next session. If you are working in a group and you like two pieces then I am happy for both to be used ( I think it’s called a “mash up”!)

Click here to choose: