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Maths Passport




The Sellindge Maths Passport is designed to equip children with essential facts needed to progress well in mathematics. Its focus matches the first aim of the 2014 curriculum for maths - ensuring mathematical fluency. It is a clearly structured, progressive scheme that enables you and your child to be very clear about the next steps in developing their mathematical fluency. 


The passport is broken down into continents, and the children will work through each of these in turn. Each continent has a set of objectives that the children will be challenged to meet in turn. 


The emphasis of the passports is instant recall of facts; they are known 'by heart', with no need for working out the answers. This allows children to calculate more efficiently and accurately as they progress in mathematics.


Children will be expected to answer a number of questions in a given time limit, depending on the number of questions. The time limit is based upon an expectation of each answer being given with six seconds to achieve mastery level your child is expected to answer within 4 seconds.


Your child's class teacher, will decide upon the most appropriate continent for your child to begin their Maths Passport journey. This enables it to be specifically targeted at the next steps in your child's learning. Your child will bring home their passport in a zippy wallet, which they must bring to school on the day given by the class teacher. When your child begins a new passport, they will also bring home a sheet which clearly shows all of the objectives for their passport - these can also be found by following the links on this page. Please stick this list somewhere prominent - on the fridge, by their desk, on the ceiling above their bed!


Ideas for practicing are included by following the links on this page. There are many different ways this can be done - you might enjoy coming up with your own games to practice the facts.


Class teachers will decide how and when their children will be assessed against their target, but this will be at least weekly. The task must be completed within the time limit, with 100% of answers correct. Once this has been achieved 3 times, that objective has been met.


Please help your child to learn the number facts enclosed within their passport. If you wish to discuss any aspect of Maths passport please feel free to make an appointment to see me.  Many Thanks Miss Goodall.