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Mad Week!

M.A.D Week in Squirrels Class!




Squirrels had a fantastic week learning all about India!


We kicked off the week with a colourful opening ceremony where we had great fun waving our flags in an Olympic style parade with the other classes. We got to see which countries other classes were learning about as they were waving their flags too.

We were able to explore different clothing that is worn in India and even try some pieces on!

A Saree is traditionally a woman’s item of clothing worn in India -  it was amazingly long!

We got to try on a Lungi, an item of clothing worn by many men in India.

A Kurta, a beautiful piece of clothing worn in an Indian wedding.

We had a chance to smell some different spices often used in Indian cooking. We were lucky enough to have the chance to light a Villaka – a special lamp that is used in religious ceremonies.

We learnt about the Elephant Festival and looked at amazing pictures of decorated elephants, which led us to create our own Elephant Art!

We explored and designed our own Mehndi.

We created our own shadow puppet shows.  In India shadow puppetry is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment.

We spent time leaning a dance to Jai Ho! A song about victory!