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English: Week beginning 30th March



Using your new bad/evil character that you designed last week, write a new adventure for Traction Man.  What is the problem? What challenge does Traction Man have to overcome? How does he save the day?  Who helps him?

It may be helpful to draw a quick story map to help you order your story first.


Year 1 focus: Make sure you remember your capital letters and full stops.  Use your phonic mats to help you make sure you are using the correct sounds in your words.

Year 2 focus: Remember to try joining your words and really focus on your handwriting.  Can you add some speech in your writing, remembering to put the speech marks in the correct places?  Don’t forget to read it back and edit your work at the end.


Watch – poem of the week: If you should meet a crocodile by Christine Fletcher


What are rhyming words?


Can you find the rhyming words in the poem?

Try to learn the poem and perform it. How can you use your voice to make your performance interesting.


Extension: have a go at writing your own rhyming poem.