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In years 5 and 6, children are expected to spend around 30 minutes per night on homework. This can include reading independently or to an adult, or practising Year 3/4 or Year 5/6 spelling list and maths facts (e.g times tables, up to 12x12, number bonds to 100 etc). We encourage children to complete their homework as independently as possible.

Children can access their MyMaths pages at any time so if they are having difficulty with any maths homework they can practise by completing the relevant lesson online at MyMaths to refresh their memory.



Children will have been given a date to complete their homework by. If they continually miss this date then we will ask them to complete the task at lunchtime.

General tips:
• Establish a predictable routine.
• Allow ‘down time’.
• Allow your child to have some control over the time homework is done.
• Find a quiet place and make sure pens, paper etc are readily available. 
• Make sure your child understands what they have to do.  Talk through the task. 
• When helping your child, keep your explanation as simple and practical as possible. 
• Be realistic.
• If set homework is not completed in time allowed, write a quick note in the Homework Diary.
• Help your child to prioritise homework.  Encourage him/her to tackle the hardest homework first. 
• Break it down into manageable chunks 
• If your child is struggling: you could scribe the work, they could use a computer to type it, or they could present it in an alternative format e.g a diagram, a timeline, a chart etc.
• Encourage your child to check their homework after a short break 
• Once homework is completed, look at completed assignment together – each find 3 good things and 2 things that could be improved next time.

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