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Hedgehogs at home!

Millie on VE day

Hello! smiley


I hope you are all OK and keeping busy. Wasn't it a blusterous day yesterday? The wind was so strong all my newly planted seeds and plants got blown all around my garden and emptied out onto the lawnfrown. I have a lot of clearing up to do!  How was your weekend? I would love to hear how you are getting on. 



Mrs Greenwoodheart



Hi Hedgehogs!!


I hope you are all very well and staying safe. I know how difficult it is not to go out, or to see friends and family, like we used to, but you are doing an amazing thing by staying at home. You are keeping sooo many people safe, which makes you all little Hedgehog superheroes smiley


I wonder if you can design a Super Hedgehog? Perhaps even write a story about him/her...Send your pictures and stories into the office and I will post them on the website so everyone can see your ideas.


 I would love to hear how well you are all doing at home. When I receive emails with pictures, videos, or just a little info on how you are doing, it always makes me smile.


Keep being the amazing Hedgehogs you are.heart


Mrs Greenwood xxx


P.S If you haven’t already looked at the links on this ( section of the website, have a little look as there may be some links you have not yet come across or used. 

Hello Hedgehogs!


I hope you are all OK smiley! I am missing you and thinking of you each day.

If you have done any super work at home get your grown-ups to take a picture and send it into the office so we can put it on the website.

I hope you have been making the most of the sunshine!


I have been working with Freddie at home, I wonder if you guys have done anything similar…


We made a snack shop. He has to visit my store to buy a snack when he wants one and I have to visit his. He priced up all the snacks and we sorted out the money so we knew what the different coins were. So far the prices have been reasonable…let’s see if he ups the prices!


We have been attempting Jo Wicks’ PE lesson ( each morning…

Day 1: Freddie was not impressed and suggested he could do better, so, he became the instructor… I felt like I was doing ‘toddlerography’ with James Corden!


Day 2: We attempted Jo Wicks again…after 10 minutes Freddie was a little bored so we tried Jump start Jonny and then did some dancing to some of his fav tunes.


Day 3: We managed the whole work out! I was exhausted but it was good fun. Let’s see if we manage it tomorrow.

We have been getting out in the sunshine as much as possible (applying social distancing of course) mostly riding on his bike.


Freddie loves ‘Teach your Monster to read’  and has been playing this each day. Because he loves it I can use it as a bargaining tool … every so often he has to write down all the words and sounds he has practised in that session before he can continue.


We have also written letters and text messages to different people allowing him to apply his phonics.

He was talking about Volcanoes today, so we will investigate them a bit more tomorrow (, and also, for some reason, he talked about addition … so we explored the different ways to make 10 and 6 (they were the numbers he chose).


I have been following Freddie’s interests (there are always ways to sneak learning in without them even realising they are doing it). Each morning over breakfast we do a timetable for the day which we both input into and agree on what we should do and when. Sometimes he writes and draws it all … sometimes we both do a bit … sometimes he watches me.


One of the biggest lessons I have learned through being a teacher, and being a mummy, is that when pressure is applied to learning the results are not as good, it is harder work (for both adult and child) and it is not as much fun and it can put them off. When the pressure is off it is a whole different experience- a fun one. The beauty of Reception is that this is still OK.


I have put below some more links that may be useful…