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Easter activities

Hi Hedgehogs and families.

I hope you are safe and well!


Here are some activities you might enjoy trying out over Easter…


‘Egg Drop’ by Mini Grey

We shared this story at school. If we had been at school, we would have been trying to help the Egg, by designing and making a contraption to protect the egg from its fall. You might want to make something to help it fly, to help it fall, or to help it land safely.


Step 1: Think

Step 2: Draw your idea and think about what you could use.

Step 3: Make your contraption.

Step 4: With a grown up find a way of getting up high to drop the egg (from the sofa, from the kitchen side, or even a top window!)

You could use an Easter egg or a chicken egg. Maybe, to give them more incentive perhaps they could win the chocolate egg if it doesn’t crack!


Easter Maths


Easter phonics

If you have any plastic eggs left over from an Easter egg hunt*, fill them with letter sounds, simple words or tricky words, or sentences, then hide them. The children need to find an egg and read what is inside, before finding the next one. Perhaps they can get an Easter treat at the end of the egg hunt!

You could also do this with maths questions – simple addition (to make totals up to 10 then higher if confident) ‘I had three eggs and I found 2 more…how many do I have now?’

*If you don’t have plastic eggs you could cut out some egg shapes and write on them.



Can you create your own movie? Use (username = first name with a capital letter, Password = Hedgehogs) 

This is a school account so I will be able to see how you are getting on with your movies J.

This version works on the ‘cloud’ and can be used on laptop, tablet or phone. Alternatively you can download the software ( ) on to your computer/tablet (you will need a webcam). Email   and let them know you are pupil at Sellindge School and you would like to be able to use Zu3D at home. They will give you a code. 

This is an excellent bit of software, and one I love to use in the classroom. Hedgehogs have not yet had a go - so it will be new to them. There are plenty of learning opportunities with this challenge. You can get them to create characters – make them out of playdough/plasticine or they can use Lego or toys. They will need to think of a storyline… remind them of ‘character, setting, problem, solution,’ or as we say in Hedgehogs, ‘something going on, something goes wrong, sort it out!’ Can they draw a story map and write/tell the story? 

Not only is this great for ICT and storytelling, it is great for Art and Design as they can make their back drops and scenery. There are also lots of opportunities for them to apply phonics by adding speech bubbles and titles to their movies.

It is great fun. Experiment with it.  Make the project as big, as little, or do as many as you like!


I hope you can have some fun with these activities and have an ‘Eggs-cellent’ Easter!

Mrs Greenwood J

PS. Don’t forget.…. It would be really great if you can take photos of any of your children and what they are getting up to, so we can post it on the website.