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DT/Science: Week beginning 30th March


We have an eggcellent idea!


Can you save the egg from getting scrambled?


You can either use a raw egg (if you are brave) or a hard boiler egg.


The challenge:

You will need to create something to protect your egg after it has been dropped from a certain height (the height depends on your available space—the higher, the better).

Set off on the challenge by deciding the height from which you’ll drop the egg. It could be from as high as you can hold it, from the top of a ladder, out the window—it’s up to you to decide. Make sure that you are taking safety into consideration, and that an adult is the only one doing the dropping if it is up high.

Create the egg protectors! Make sure you have lots of different kinds of materials to experiment with.

Remember our work on materials and the properties of these materials.  You may want to make a prototype like we did in DT to check out your design.

I would love to see some photos!