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This homework is for Foxes and Badgers. If you have brothers and sisters please work together on this activity.

Wednesday 25th March 2020
LO To design a title page for "My Home PowerPoint Portfolio"


I was thinking that it would be great if some of you can create a “My PowerPoint Portfolio” at home to keep a record of your computing work just like we do at school. You can create it in PowerPoint but any similar programme that you can copy and paste into like we do at school, would work.


If you cannot access any computer programmes like this, then you could just create a section in your book that you can use to record your computing work (maybe near the back) and create a title page.


So the aim of this session is to create either a title page for a PowerPoint Home Portfolio ( on a computer) or a title page in a section of your book.

Today you just need to design the front page, think about colours, text, fonts and add your first name.
Remember be a yesSellindge Super Digital Citizen and please don't add any images from the Internet.

You can design a cover page like this...

You can design a cover page like this... 1

Or download a " My Home Portfolio" template here...


Term 3

This term we are going to become computer coders. We are going to be learning to program the BBC Microbits via the computers. Here is the link to have an explore and try out some coding ( You don't need a microbit to practice, just click on "Let's code" and then "New Project"):


Term 1 & 2

In Computing this term we have been exploring different elements of Online safety. We are following the new Common Sense Digital Citizenship curriculum which is excellent in that it teaches about safe and respectful use of the Internet as well as living a more balanced life off line!


The children have been creating a " Learning Takeaway" poster which, once we have completed, will be coming home so that they can display it somewhere prominent.