Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day


This week we enjoyed some more splashing in the puddles after a very wet weekend.  Today we had some clues as to the next guardian elf we were going to meet.  From the clues we thought we would meet green and also because that is the next colour of the rainbow.  We were right!  We found green hiding in some ivy and learnt that green looks after everything that grows in the ground.  We played a memory game today.  Mrs Oates had found some different natural objects around our woodland base and then challenged us to remember what she had found and go and find the same.  We finished by singing happy birthday to some of our friends who were turning 5.

Today we met another one of the Guardian Elves, Yellow! We learnt that yellow is for the sun that shines down on us, giving us light and helping everything grow.  Yellow left us a note to help us find her which had a picture of a sun mandala on it so we decided to make her a sun mandala of her own from things we found around our woodland base.  We found feathers for the middle and lots of yellow and orange leaves.  We used conker shells for around the outside and then made the rays of the sun using lots of different sized sticks.  We sang 'The sun has got his hat on' and as we did the sun came out from behind the clouds so we had fun playing with our shadows.

This week it had been raining so we put on our wellies and waterproofs and went on a puddle hunt!  We also found some lovely squelchy mud to walk through as we wandered around the field.  We met the next guardian elf this week, Orange! Orange's job is to help look after the soil to help us grow the things we need.  We decided to go for a dig in the mud and we found some wiggly worms.

This week we met the first of our Guardian Elves.  We met Red who helps care for all of the animals.  Red left us a little note to help us find her and she was hiding in a tree.  We found some mole hills and found out how they manage to live under the ground.  We also found a clue that rabbits had been on the field, rabbit poo!  We thought that Red would like to know about the animals that visit our school.   We had a challenge to try and find 3 leaves that were each a different colour.  We managed to find 1 leaf that had three colours on it.  We also collected things that we are going to use in our Autumn Cafe.

We had our first woodland wander.  We put on our wellies and headed out to our woodland base where we firstly talked about some important rules that would help keep us safe when we did our woodland wander each week.  We talked about seasons and we wondered what season we were in at the moment.  Some children thought that it was Autumn and we decided that we would go and hunt for clues to help us find out if they were right.  We were given an egg box each and we challenged ourselves to find 10 different things to go inside.  When we were walking around, collecting our treasures, we spotted an apple tree and decided to pick some apples which we turned into a delicious apple crumble the next day.