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6. Australasian Passport

6. Australasian Passport




Questions you could ask


1. Know the x 11 and x 12 multiplication facts by heart.

What is 144 divided by 12?


How many 11’s are there in 77?

12 x quiz

11 x quiz

Underwater Times Tables

Cloud Multiplication

Multiplying by 11

2. Know the x 11 and x 12 division facts by heart.

3. Know by heart the squares of all numbers from 1-10 and recall the square roots of perfect squares to 100.

What is the square root of 36?


√144 = ?


A square has sides of 8 metres. What is its area?


What is 10 - √36?


How many factors does a perfect square have?

Mallard Maths

Square Numbers

Square Root Game

Square Root Cannon

4. Give the remainder when a number to 30 is divided by 3; a number to 40 is divided by 4; a number to 50 is divided by 5.

If I share 10 sweets among 3 friends, how many sweets are left over?


43 ÷ 4 = ?


I divide the number 47 by a number. My remainder is 2. What did I divide 47 by?

Remainders Game

Division with Remainders


5. Double any number from 21 to 99.

What is double 36?


I have 68g of pasta left to share between two of us. How much pasta do we each get?

Hit the Button

Double and Halve Dartboard

6. Halve any number from 22 to 100.

7. Know fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents.

What is 0.1 as a percentage?


Which is the odd one out?

0.45     45%     2/5


Give the following fractions as a decimal:

½     ¾      7/10     4/16

Fractions Parachutes

Saloon Snap

Equivalence Demonstrator


Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Balance



8. Know metric units for measure, weight, capacity and units of time and be able to convert from one unit to another.

I cut 34cm from 1m of rope. How many metres of rope are left?


Playtime is 15 minutes. Lunch time is 1 hour. How many minutes break is that altogether?


How many days are in December?

Jack the Builder

Converting Measures

Departure Board

Building a Shed

Horrendous Soup

9. Multiply any 2 or 3 digit number by 10 or 100.

24 x 100 =


3400 ÷ 10 =


?? x 10 = 630

Multiply and divide by 10 and 100


10. Divide any multiple of 100 by 10 or 100.

11. Know the multiplication and division facts for the x3, x4 and x6 tables.

How many fours are in twelve?


(3x4) + (4x6) = ?


What is 48 shared by 4?

Spitfire Game


Number Facts Bingo

Multiple Madness

Disappearing Tables

Table Trees

Moon Maths

Division Bingo

Hit the Button

Underwater Times Tables

Cloud Multiplication

Fridge Magnet Multiplication

Times Tables Games