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2. North American Passport

North American Passport



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1. To recall addition facts for each number to 10

If I have 3, how many more do I need to make 10?


What is 3 + 7?


8 – 6 =

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Subtraction and addition games


Funky Mummy

2. To recall subtraction facts for each number to 10

3. To recall all pairs of numbers with totals to 20

How many ways can you make 20 from two numbers added together?


What is 17 less than 20?

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Number bonds to 20



4. To recall all pairs of multiples of 10 with totals up to 100

70 + ? = 100


What is 90 less than 100?

Hit the Button Numbers Bonds > Make 100 (tens)


5. To recall doubles of all numbers to 20

What are two lots of 18?


What is half of 34?


Double six.

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Doubles Archery


Robin Hood Doubles

6. To recall doubles and corresponding halves of all numbers to 20