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Follow the links in the table below to some fun games.



Questions you could ask

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1. To recall all pairs of numbers with a total of 10

Show fingers and ask how many more are needed to complete two hands.


What goes with 9 to make 10?


Which two coins can make 10p?



Save the Whale


Number Facts Bingo – Game 1


Hit the Button


Bingo - Within 10

2. To recall addition facts for each number to 5

How many different ways can you use 1p and 2p to make 5p?


What is 1 less than 5?


There are five cakes in a box, and I ate three of them. How many are left?

Save the Whale (change the ‘bonds to’ at the top to the target number)


Brilliant Beadstring

3. To recall subtraction facts for each number to 5

4. To count on or back in twos, fives and tens

Continue this sequence: 2, 4, 6...


If I have four tens, how many is that?


Can I end up on a number ending in ??? if I count on in fives?

Hit the Duck


Climbing the Mountain


Number Facts Bingo


Counting Bingo

5. To recall the doubles of all numbers to 10

How many fingers are on four hands?


A plant doubles in size each week. This week, it is 1 cm tall. How tall will it be in two weeks time?


What is double 8?


What is half of 8?

Bridge Doubles